Step Out of the Illusion and Into Reality

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The mind constantly diverts us from being in the very moment - we worry about the past or think about the future. But these are just images and illusions in our mind. How much of your life do you miss by being distracted by the illusions?

Every so often, we stumble upon a book that profoundly changes us; once read, we can not help but be different. Somehow, it has entered our being and altered our view of the world around us. With each read the words open our imagination in a different way, penetrating the deep corners of our soul unlocking our true creative nature. Anyone that has walked into a bookstore with the hopes of discovering that type of treasure need not look any further.

Peter Cajander’s unique, fresh voice speaks the language of our hearts and souls in the highly anticipated book “Fragments of Reality” (ISBN 0595375227). With the exceptional talent to capture the essence of life and convert it into wisdom, Cajander points out how our own beliefs and assumptions create personal confusion and hardships. Through essays and poems, we awaken to the reality of life that is meant to be experienced, but usually lies dormant somewhere within.

Cajander’s artful writing style details personal explorations in over 100 articles and poems ranging from topics such as: belief systems that define how we interpret the world, life and death, acceptance, meditation, business, relationships, feelings and emotions, and the subjective nature of reality. “’Fragments’ shows the untapped potential for life that we can all experience and explore,” explains Cajander, “even in the busiest metropolis of the world.”

Is it possible to achieve inner peace in midst of our hectic lives? This is the question subtly posed to readers throughout Cajander’s reflective prose. "The book is about life and life is about everything,” concludes Cajander. “For most people, life is a constant rush, either we create it ourselves or it is imposed by the world around us. ‘Fragments’ creates the subtle pause needed to open up to our natural state of being, showing us how to live authentically and experience the beauty of who we are, in every moment.”

Peter Cajander has practiced self-realization and meditation since his early years. Cajander has extensive international experience living and working in multicultural environments around the world. He lives a fast-paced Western-style life, with interests ranging from quantum physics to business strategy, and from jazz to modern art. “Fragments of Reality” (ISBN 0595375227) can be purchased through online and local bookstores worldwide. For more information, visit


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