Scot McKay and X & Y Communications Have Big Plans To Take Dating Coaching Mainstream

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Scot McKay is one of a rising breed of dating coaches. By offering an innovative portfolio of products and services, along with lots of creative marketing, he hopes to build awareness of his craft amongst the millions of singles in America.

Prior to the release of the movie “Hitch” starring Will Smith, the term “dating coaching” was not necessarily a household term. In fact, most of the millions of American singles typically thought they were out in the dating world alone.

Scot McKay, a dating coach and founder of the aptly-named X & Y Communications (, is one of a rising breed of professionals hoping to influence the perspective of those in the dating pool. The author of a new book entitled “Deserve What You Want”, he believes that those who are looking for love should have access to all the tools and support they require in order to achieve maximum success.

McKay has a refreshingly unique philosophy to support his premise. “We go to school in order to prepare for our careers. We hit buckets of golf balls on the driving range in order to improve our swing. But when it comes to what is arguably the most important indicator of life success there is, most of us simply wait around for something to happen. Like in these other areas of life, though, we all have to work to get where we want to be when it comes to dating and relationships. Each of us must become a great partner before we can expect to find and keep one.”

So what is a single adult to do in order to become more proactive? McKay’s job, as he sees it, is to develop programs and services to help those who are dating do just that.

To that end, he provides one-on-one dating consultation designed to address individual needs in a personalized manner. There are also group seminars and plans to host “speed dating” events. McKay’s particular area of expertise, however, is in online dating. He spends much of his time reviewing and “overhauling” profile narratives for his clients who are members of online dating services such as Yahoo Personals or He notes that customers have experienced up to fivefold increases in the number of responses from their profiles after coming to him.

But there is yet a long way to go in familiarizing the vast market of unmarried American adults with what value a good dating coach can bring them. In keeping with his commitment to drive public awareness, McKay has crafted partnerships with numerous dating sites, dating services and associated firms. He is also committed to a busy schedule of radio and print interviews.

Most recently, he has announced a brand new series entitled "X & Y On The Fly", capitalizing on the hot new “podcasting” phenomenon. Based on his popular weekly newsletter series, each audio session will expound on the theme presented in the newsletter published the previous week. What's more, both the newsletters and the podcasts are offered at no charge on the X & Y Communications Web site.

Co-hosting the podcasts with McKay is Emily Grillo. Both single parents in their thirties, the hosts share an engaging chemistry. Having recorded their third podcast in the series this past week, a pattern of high-energy discussion is already evident.

Says McKay, "Emily and I both are willing to take on just about any subject when it comes to dating and relationships. We don't sugar coat anything, but we do go out of our way to keep respect and dignity intact. One thing is for sure--this is a very unique experience."

Grillo is equally convinced that "X & Y On The Fly" is something special. "I’ve been single again and dating for over a year, and I've never encountered anything like what we are doing. Most dating 'advice' is either geared towards immediate gratification and/or getting over dating failures. We are empowering regular people like ourselves to succeed in one of life's most important areas."

McKay adds, "X & Y Communications is already very distinguished from the typical 'pick-up artist training' and psychoanalytical self-help offerings out there. We are all about helping good people succeed in finding a life partner. The amazing perspective Emily brings adds an incredible amount of depth. We trust that all of our listeners will gain a tremendous amount from 'X & Y On The Fly'. I know we put a tremendous amount of thought into the series."

The podcast series is available as a free download from, and is also listed at Yahoo Podcasts, iTunes, Odeo, and Podcast Alley. Each episode runs approximately 45 minutes and is about 10mb.

“The amazing thing about dating coaching is that we tend to see the same patterns over and over again in our clients”, McKay says. “Most of what keeps the average person from achieving great success in the dating world is relatively simple to overcome. It is a rewarding feeling to watch someone get past those obstacles and start living his or her dream.”

Indeed. McKay and Grillo have been dating for nearly five months now, and are planning a future together. Maybe this stuff really works.

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About X & Y Communications: Dating and relationship consultancy X & Y Communications exists entirely to help you become the best you can be when it comes to dating and relationships--without having to learn things the "hard way". It doesn't matter if you are young or old, as yet unmarried, married, divorced or widowed. X & Y Communications can help you maximize your success in preparing for and eventually realizing the ultimate in relationships with a significant other. X & Y Communications is based in San Antonio, TX

About The Author: Scot McKay graduated from Messiah College in Grantham, PA in 1988 with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education. From there, he studied at Fuller Theological Seminary while on staff with Young Life, a relational ministry to teens. While with Young Life, he eventually worked with "at risk" kids in Yuma, AZ. After a ten year career in networking and telecom, Scot has gone back to what has always been his passion—helping others live skillfully and successfully.

Scot McKay is available for radio and print interviews. Having considerable radio experience, he is a lively guest on talk radio programs, enthusiastically articulating his unique spin on dating and relationships and willing to field live questions from listeners. McKay is a particularly strong advocate of online dating, which invariably makes for interesting conversation.

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