Therapist/Lawyer Tells You How To Get Past Your Past with New Fall Classes

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A NYC motivational company led by a dynamic teacher who is a therapist and an attorney announces fall classes.

How to Get Past Your Past, a new and different New York City enterprise, is announcing the first two of its scheduled fall classes. The classes were wildly successful last year in New York and Boston and are making a repeat run in both cities this fall.

The classes are run by an engaging speaker who is often compared to other pop culture speakers and personalities like Dr. Phil and Judge Judy because she is a trained therapist and a licensed attorney who often gives pithy advice on matters of both love and law. But the comparisons to others end there because Elliott is actually a very different kind of teacher who uses her academic training but also shares her own story of overcoming adversity with her students. One student coming off a devastating divorce says, "I heard her story of how she went from this downtrodden person with no hope to an amazing example of unqualified success and it gave me so much hope." Elliott stresses to her students that if she could rise up as she did, anyone can.

For someone who now seems to be in demand everywhere, Elliott was once a foster child who felt as if she didn’t belong anywhere. Even after she was adopted at age 8, there was no happily ever after. Her older brother went off to Vietnam and two years later her parents’ marriage fell apart leaving her adrift once again. She started looking for distraction in dangerous situations and abusive men. She felt hopeless and helpless, alone and adrift in a world where nothing made sense. She felt depressed and beaten up by life and those who claimed they cared about her.

Elliott had children at a young age to feel a connection to someone but then felt guilty that she had brought innocent children into the mess that was her life. She says, "I felt incredibly guilty, stupid, confused and worthless." She wanted out of an abusive marriage but felt stuck with no options.

Then one day Elliott realized that even if she failed she had to try to save herself. She ended her marriage and threw herself into finding people to talk to, books to read, support groups to attend, and courses to take. She moved away from everyone and raised her children, learning how to be a good parent to happy and healthy kids.

She became an insatiable student, pouring over books at night when the kids were in bed and dreaming of going back to school to get a college degree. She eventually received a BA from Mount Holyoke College; an M.Ed. from Cambridge College; and, a J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. She became a writer, a speaker, a therapist and finally the attorney she always dreamed of becoming. She now has a happy marriage, a great career, and wonderful relationships with her children.

Over the years people have implored her to share her remarkable story, to talk about it, teach about it and write about it in order to help others who might be in desperate situations as she once was. Last year she bowed to the pressure and developed classes and workshops on “How To Get Past Your Past “ and started teaching them in New York and Boston. Despite a demanding schedule as an attorney, she taught for the Learning Annex and guest lectured in many different venues from giving an hour lecture to recovering female drug addicts in a halfway house to putting on a day-long motivational seminar for corporate marketing and sales employees.

She is working on a book, "How to Get Past Your Past: The Seven Things You Need To Do To Be Happy Now" which she hopes to finish by the fall. She has been approached by several producers who have spoken to her about different projects to bring her CDs, DVDs and seminars to television but hasn’t committed to anything yet. “Right now,” she says “I love being a lawyer and I do this after hours to bring a message of hope to people who need it. I’m only going to bring it national if the venue is right and the time is right. I’ve worked hard to construct the wonderful life I have and don’t want to take any missteps now.” She has been contacted by several magazines and television stations for interviews and to write articles on overcoming adversity and achieving success. She was recently spotlighted on That’s Crispy, a website that showcases amazing success stories.

“People tell me, it’s time to get an agent.” Elliott says, “I never thought I’d be doing to this to that extent but like everything in my life, I never know where something is going to lead, and I just try to stay open to possibilities and enjoy the ride along the way.”

How To Get Past Your Past is now taking registrations for the fall offerings but is always available for speaking engagements or interviews.

For more information contact: Susan J. Elliott



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