Mind Reality Announces Discovery of Seven States of Matter and the Universal Matter

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Apart from the usual three states of matter, modern science has discovered three other states of matter which makes a total of six states. Mind Reality has sought to reveal the next state of matter and the universal matter which all states truly consist of. This discovery plays a major influence in all fields of science, philosophy and religion.

The usual three states of matter that we all know are Solid, Liquid and Gas. Modern science has discovered three other states which are plasma, beam and BEC (Bose-Einstein Condensate). Plasma and beam are the fourth and fifth state of matter. The BEC is the zero state of matter.

Mind Reality, a revolutionary mental science website explains the incompleteness of the theory by stating from first principles that it is the nature of the universal categories to exist in sets of sevens. The full article of Seven States of Matter can be read at http://mindreality.com/seven-states-of-matter-everything-is-mind.

“The sixth state of matter is thought wave,” states Enoch Tan, Creator of Mind Reality. “All other states of matter are condensations of the sixth state.”

Mind Reality goes on to conclude that the universal matter which all states truly consist of is Mind. “Mind is the universal matter.” The idea of Mind Reality’s concept of the universal matter is not too far fetched though. It is in line with the principles and phenomena of quantum physics stating that all things are energy which has the characteristics of consciousness.

This theory also harmonizes with the ancient philosophies and religious teachings that we live in a world of thoughts and the physical appearance of things is only an illusion. Mind Reality is the first place to publish the seven states of matter and the sixth state as thought wave.

Conventional science might not fully agree with this theory yet but in time to come, Mind Reality believes that it will be accepted by the world and taught in mainstream education as fact. The possibilities resulting from this discovery is endless. It forms the foundation of holistic health, psychic technology and various other fields. It backs up the idea of the Etheric plane where “ghosts” and metaphysical entities exist.

The concept of the Ether which Einstein and other scientists conjured to explain the medium in which light travels is categorized as the sixth state of matter. Faster than light travel, UFOs and extraterrestrial appearance and disappearance is possible through the sixth state of matter because it follows its own “rules of physics” that are different from the other states.

It signifies the notion of a mental universe. Scientist have already experimented with the development of “smart objects” where objects can change their form and characteristics according to special programming induced into their molecules. The science fiction concept of a “mercury man” might very well become a reality in the near future.

The Seven States of the Universal Matter can be fully read at http://mindreality.com/seven-states-of-matter-everything-is-mind

The Mind Reality website is http://mindreality.com

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