Managing Foot Pain

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Overcome chronic foot pain effectively and inexpensively with 100% Glycerin Filled Therapeutic Massaging Insoles by Happy Feet

In this ever-changing world of ours there are some things that never change. Such as, “when your feet hurt, you hurt all over!” How true this is. When it hurts to walk, your lifestyle begins to diminish. You arrive home in the evening totally exhausted. Your heels hurt or the balls of your feet ache, your feet throb, itch, or burn. You can suffer ankle pain, knee pain, and, in some cases even begin to realize hip and back pain. Truly, when your feet hurt, you hurt all over.

Needless to say, there are a host of medical conditions that cause foot pain. Hence, Podiatrists! To name a few just consider Morton’s Neuroma; Plantar Fasciitis; Heel Spurs; Fibermyalgia; Corns; Calluses; Gout and even Diabetes. All of these can impact the way you walk. Also, when you consider the foot is comprised of twenty-six bones (too many moving parts) and the job our feet are tasked with on a daily basis, the old adage of, “if something can go wrong, it will”, becomes reality. All too often we take our feet for granted and eventually they get even.

How many of you have bought shoes at your local Mega-mart? For a small amount of money you’re in style but destroying your feet. Those shoes are not made for comfort but rather, for mere profit. For a small amount of cash, we can be stylish never realizing the damage being done to our feet. Most never consider comfort as right now, their feet don’t hurt. Rest assured though that bad shoes will eventually cause chronic foot pain!

In reality, we are designed to walk in bare feet on soft ground. However, civilization has taught us to do exactly the opposite. We continually walk on hard surfaces wearing improper footwear for long periods of time allowing the foot to lose its natural posture and conditioning. This causes the foot to settle, which in turn adversely affects the alignment of the feet, legs and over time even the entire spinal column can be affected.

As for me, I began to suffer severe foot pain in my mid 50’s. It was terrible! Here I am rapidly approaching retirement and could not bear to be on my feet for more than an hour. Believe me; my employer was not impressed, as my job required that I be on my feet constantly. The damage was done. My feet hurt and no matter what I did nothing seemed to work. When the day was done, all I could do was kick off my shoes and rest my feet on the foot-stool. I couldn’t walk, go to the store, push the lawn-mower, or play with the grandkids…, nothing! In all actualities, I was a handicap.

That is until one day I happened onto Happy Feet Therapeutic Massaging Insoles. Our hometown hosted a Street Festival and we decided to go. My wife understood that she would drop me off at the main entrance, park the car and I would be waiting on the first park bench available. The rest of the family would then enjoy the festivities while I sat it out.

One of the vendors in attendance that day was an independent Happy Feet Representative. Happy Feet Therapeutic Massaging Insoles, as it was explained to me, was a shoe insert that contained 100% pure glycerin and guaranteed to change the way I walked. The dealer explained this device would massage the bottoms of my feet, cushion my heels, cushion the balls of my feet, improve circulation and help stop my burning feet, leg cramps, inflammation, swelling of the feet and ankles, correct my alignment and proclaimed his product to be the greatest thing since canned peanut butter. “Yeah right,” I said to myself. But as fate would have it, I relented and agreed to try them.

Now, I’m not going to exaggerate here, but it was amazing! Those insoles were absolutely amazing! I had never felt such immediate relief as when I test walked those insoles. Those things really worked! I was impressed to say the least. Needless to say I bought a pair and have been wearing them since. In fact, when I finally retired I became an Independent Happy Feet Distributor myself and now spend my time telling others of the readily available relief with Happy Feet Therapeutic Massaging Insoles.    

Once into the business I have come to realize that at least 50% of the American Population suffers from foot pain. Foot pain affects all age groups and chronic foot pain is considered by some to be at epidemic levels often, because we have purchased style in place of practicality.

In conclusion, there is an effective and inexpensive way to relieve the stress of foot pain. Happy Feet Therapeutic Massaging Insoles are unconditionally guaranteed for six months, even if you step on a nail or your pet chews them up. They are proudly made in the USA, washable and available from Women’s size 5 through Men’s 16. If you suffer foot pain you need to consider Happy Feet Therapeutic Massaging Insoles. They will literally change the way you walk. These things really work!

Author: H.A. Melton


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