Were You Cheated On Your Mortgage? Are You About To Get A Home Loan? Smart Consumers & Ethical Real Estate Agents/Brokers Wanted

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Americas watchdog has expanded its consumer mortgage services in order to assist all homeowners about to finance or refinance in order to make certain they are not being overcharged or cheated by a mortgage broker, bank or lender. This expanded service will also assist existing homeowners who are having problems with their mortgage loan servicing company or bank, and assist existing homeowners determine if they might have been cheated or overcharged when they financed or refinanced their home.It is hoped that real estate agents and brokers will link to Americas Watchdog as a first line of defense to protect their clients from predatory mortgage lenders.

Of the current 70 million+ homeowners in our country over 60 million were cheated, over charged or have an on going problem with their mortgage lender

Americas Watchdog has expanded its consumer protection services in order to assist all homeowners nationwide with mortgage issues or problems related to their home loan/mortgage. This expanded service is now being offered to home buyers, homeowners or real estate agents/brokers wanting to protect their current or potential clients. This service has been expanded because of a national epidemic of mortgage lenders gouging, over-charging or even cheating unsuspecting homeowners on mortgage fees, interest rates or various mortgage products. The goal of these services is to save the consumer money or if they were cheated, try to correct the problem.

According to the President of Americas Watchdog; "we estimate that 85%+ of all existing U.S. homeowners were over-charged or gouged when they mortgaged or refinanced their home. The key problems are poorly disclosed yield spread premiums-a kick back for increasing the borrowers interest rate, prepayment penalty's, junk mortgage fees, the wrong mortgage product for an unsuspecting borrower, etc. We also estimate that 35%+ of all current U.S. Homeowners are having problems with the bank or loan servicing company collecting their monthly mortgage payments. As a result we have expanded our consumer services because there are so many homeowners in the nation who are about to be taken advantage of, who were taken advantage of, or now have a huge problem and there is no one to help them try to fix the problem."

The National Mortgage Complaint Center & or The Homeowners Consumer Center have been featured on CNN, Money Magazine, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, Good Housekeeping Magazine, CNN/Money and numerous other media sources:

The new expanded Services include:


For individuals about to finance or refinance their home, The Mortgage Inspection Service ( Http://MortgageInspectionService.Com ) will thoroughly examine the borrowers Good Faith Estimate & Truth in Lending Statement paying particular attention to:

The mortgage product they are being offered

·The interest rate they are being offered

·The fees they are being charged.

.Prepayment Penalty's/or other issues

The Mortgage Inspection Service will then write a narrative report detailing their findings along with their recommendations related to excessive mortgage fees, interest rates that might be too high, and or any other potential problem related to the proposed mortgage. Typically the consumer shares this report with the lender and gets a better mortgage product, lower fees or both. The Homeowners Consumer Center & The National Mortgage Complaint Center has saved thousands of homeowners, millions of dollars with their straight-forward consumer approach. For more information call 866-714-6466

What does this service cost? They charge $45.00 for this service


Were You Cheated or Gouged In The Mortgage Process?

If consumers suspect they were cheated, or taken advantage of by their mortgage broker/lender; The National Mortgage Complaint Center ( Http://NationalMortgageComplaintCenter.Com ) will thoroughly examine the consumers loan documents, take down the consumers account of what happened, and if they discover what could be wrong doing, they will directly contact the lender, the appropriate State Attorney General and or other possible governmental agencies that might be able to assist. For a free consultation call 866-714-6466 anytime.

What does this service cost? This service costs $150


If a consumer's mortgage lender/ bank has not properly applied their mortgage payment's or their reserve payment's to their mortgage account, The National Mortgage Complaint Center ( http://NationalMortgageComplaintCenter.Com ) will attempt an intervention with the lender in order to try to correct the situation. This happens or has happened to millions of U.S. homeowners. If homeowners are having mortgage loan servicing problems or problems related to their mortgage payments with their lender, the homeowner can call the National Mortgage Complaint Center for a free no obligation consultation. Once the National Mortgage Complaint Center has identified the problem they will contact the consumers mortgage lender/loan servicing department to attempt to correct the problem. This service does not apply to individuals who have not made their mortgage payments or are in foreclosure. For a free consultation call 866-714-6466.

What does this service cost? they charge $250.00 for this service for qualified clients

There is no other consumer service like this in the nation and Americas Watchdog ( Http://AmericasWatchdog.Com ) encourages all current or potential homeowners, ethical real estate agents or brokers, honest escrow or title firms, appraisers, attorneys, financial planners, CPA's, consumer groups, neighborhood or city web sites to offer their clients a link to our web sites or to list our site on their web site. "Of the current 70 million+ homeowners in our country over 60 million were cheated, over charged or have an on going problem with their mortgage lender," according to Americas Watchdog founder Martin. "This is an attempt to make things right for consumers, or to make sure they are protected. These problems affect everyone, black, white, brown, rich, poor, young, old, educated or not. Its the best money a consumer will spend with respect to buying a house or being a homeowner. We hope ethical real estate agents and brokers will link us to their web sites or mention us in their customer newsletters as a great way to take care of their clients".


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