Whitfield Grant Controversial Novel “Railroaded!” Explores False Allegations of Sexual Harassment

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“Bearing False Witness”, an article that addresses and exposes false allegations of sexual harassment and the damning impact on the accused, who is the real victim. This problem is dramatized in the controversial novel, "Railroaded!"

Not All Allegations of Sexual Harassment are True

An alarming four-page advertorial pullout, in a New York City newspaper explores false allegations of sexual harassment and how Whitfield Grant dramatizes it in the novel “Railroaded!”

In the article “Bearing False Witness”, the writer states that when unscrupulous people use the justice system as an instrument of revenge, extortion or publicity – it is not only their target that pays the price. Ultimately, the taxpayer carries the burden of millions of dollars lost in trials and appeals, in the incarceration of the innocent, and in the freedom of the instigator to strike again with impunity. It is further pointed out that most people with deep pockets pay their accusers to go away. If they choose to fight the charges – and then sue their attacker in civil court – it could cause substantial costs in time, money, lurid media coverage, and in the court of public opinion.

“Railroaded!” character, Anthony Williams, the star free-safety of a professional football team, like celebrities in recent news stories, faces a sexual assault charge that threatens to take away his family, career, and freedom.

“Railroaded!” highlights the trials and tribulations that accompany being caught in a controversial situation. The fast-paced thriller takes readers on a roller-coaster of twists and turns that ends in a surprising courtroom drama. Although it is set in the 1970s, it could be about any of today’s celebrity athletes.

Having already appeared on some of the nation's bestseller lists, “Railroaded!” is a modern morality play that wraps all of this nation's taboos into a tight package. Race, class, gender, athletics and politics are well-mixed in this taut mystery, which reflects issues in today’s headlines. It is sure to spur dialogue and raise questions about the realization of the “American Dream” and how it is affected by factors outside of our individual control.

“I try to write stories that stimulate the reader into thinking about their lives and important societal issues,” said Grant, who currently resides in Denver. “Even though this story is set among a group of people most of us will never meet, the issues are ones we all face regardless of socio-economic status. Despite the tension we face from a clouded and confused political arena, dialogue among the citizenry has always been the precursor to change. If my writings can contribute to the creation of a national dialogue on the subject, then I feel I have accomplished my mission.”

If you can, get a copy of the Sept 6th, 2006 New York Sun to find out more about “Not All Allegations of Sexual Harassment are True,” or visit http://www.nysun.com/advertorials/railroaded to read the advertorial online. Also visit http://www.RailroadedtheNovel.com for details on Whitfield Grant’s controversial novel.


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