College Students & Revelers Say “I Want” to Apple iPod Accessory; Are You Listening, Paris Hilton?

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The iBreath® is a unique iPod accessory that includes a fully functioning alcohol breathalyzer and integrated FM transmitter.

Party on! The ultimate iPod accessory lets you party all night long and then makes sure you get home safely. College students and holiday revelers immediately say, “I want” to the iPod (and Video iPod) accessory.

“It’s awesome. I mean you can really make sure that you haven’t had one too many before you leave the party,” David Casey, 31, New York, exclaims. “This thing is brilliant…it can really save lives,” Casey concludes.

The innovation called the iBreath® is an iPod accessory that includes a fully functioning breathalyzer and an iPod FM transmitter that transmits your iPod tunes to any FM tuner. It’s expected to be one of the hottest selling items this holiday season with the perfect combination of entertainment and safety already garnering significant buzz.

iPods have already transformed the music industry, entertainment industry and with the latest accessory, Apple® iPod owners can add safety to the list of features of iPods and their accessories.

With the National Center for Injury and Prevention Control reporting that alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents kill someone every 31 minutes in the United States, and injures someone every two minutes in the U.S., the need for safety devices including breathalyzers has never been stronger.

“Including a breathalyzer to an iPod accessory is terrific especially for people who like to have a drink or two after work or school,” Joseph Melillo, a retired New York Police Officer explains. “It can’t be any easier than blowing in the tube and looking at the sensor, I can really see these things saving lives,” Melillo concludes.

Recently, Los Angeles police spotted Paris Hilton driving erratically in Hollywood. They pulled her over, gave her a field sobriety test -- which she failed -- and arrested her for driving under the influence. If she had had an iBreath attached to her iPod, she would have known that she was not safe to drive.

As consumers look for the next big thing, the must have of the holiday season, the iBreath® is a clear frontrunner to be the ultimate gift. With few retailers able to stock hot items such as the iBreath®, savvy consumers will be able to purchase the handy accessory at

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