Deli Industry Gets Wake Up Call From Salmonella Lawsuit: Instant Food Poison Test Strips Key In Helping To Preventing Future Cases

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Recent Lawsuit looks at cross contamination of foods by Deli departments.

In an open letter to the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association, Magna Medical General Manager Robert Greene addresses the importance of empowering deli managers with the necessary tools to “spot check” food product and machinery to prevent cross contamination.

In a recent lawsuit filed last Thursday in Johnson Superior Court (Indiana), it was food from the deli department of a major national chain store that had been implicated as the alleged source of outbreak of Salmonella food poisoning.

Salmonella bacteria, found in meat, and animal waste, particularly poultry, causes food poisoning in humans. Proper handling and cooking procedures prevent harmful infection, however, cross contamination can occur. The MMS Salmonella strip can detect 50 of the most common and deadliest strains. The strips are submerged in food samples, if the organism is present the strip will change color in less than 20 minutes.

Greene feels that every produce, meat, fish, deli, and dairy manager should have one bottle of instant salmonella and instant E.coli test strips to ensure food integrity for their departments. “Manager’s need to be empowered to go with their gut feeling” says Greene. “A $3.25 test strip could save them over $75,000 in lawsuits.”

Escherichia coli (usually abbreviated to E. coli) is one of the many species of bacteria that is naturally found in the lower intestines of warm-blooded animals. “There are literally thousands of varieties of E.Coli, and the most common and deadliest strains have been included such as E.coli 103 and 0157:H7 for detection in the instant E.Coli strip.

Lawsuit case number in reference is Johnson Superior Court (Indiana) Case number 41D030609CT00062.

Magna Medical Services, Inc, a trusted provider of drug testing and screening products who recently expanded to include tests for safety, health, and sanitation, has been chosen to manage the sales and distribution worldwide.


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