Elgressy Installs Tested And Approved Weapon Against Legionella

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Breakthrough water treatment technlogy to eradicate and control legionella pneumophila bacteria tested and approved. Largest Medical Center in Israel orders 3 Elgressy systems.

Rabin Medical Center in Petach Tikva, Israel’s largest medical center with 1,300 beds, has after extensive laboratory and operational tests ordered 3 complete Elgressy LPB units for the eradication and control of Legionella Pneumophila Bacteria in all hot and cold water systems throughout the complex.

The Elgressy LPB system is a state-of-the-art electrochemical system that uses a patented electrolytic method to eradicate and control microorganisms, such as the Legionella Pneumophila Bacteria. The principle of operation is to divert all the water of a water circuit through the LPB reaction tank, where electrolysis kills the microbes by means of an extremely high pH environment and trace, but sufficient, amounts of ozone, radical oxygen and free chlorine. The remnants of the microorganisms are then physically removed from the reaction tank.

The process does NOT use any chemicals or additives, thereby making the system absolutely safe and environmental friendly. Since no foreign substances are introduced, its use is not subject to stringent regulatory controls. The treatment inside the reaction tank does not change or influence the water chemistry in the water system: the content of the water-in is the same as of the water-out, evidently free of microorganisms. As part of the system, an evacuation mechanism and sacrificing electrodes are built in the existing water tanks to prevent any bacterial growth usually prevalent at the bottom of these tanks. The LPB system has a wide array of remote (by GSM) monitoring and control options. Since the system is based on the other Elgressy water treatment systems that prevent scaling, corrosion and biofouling, the LPB system also provides these same benefits.

Legionella bacteria are aerobic gram-negative rods associated with respiratory infections. Legionella are ubiquitous in natural aquatic environments, capable of existing in waters with varied temperatures, pH levels, and nutrient and oxygen contents. Symbiotic existence with algae and other bacteria, particularly in biofilm, increases the availability of nutrients. Legionella are prevalent in anthropogenic waters such as potable water, hot water systems, cooling tower reservoirs, and whirlpools. Aerosol-generating systems such as faucets, showerheads, cooling towers, and nebulizers aid in the transmission of Legionella from water to air. Human inhalation of contaminated aerosols leads to Legionella infections and disease outbreaks.

Various methods to control Legionella are in use, such as systemic sanitization of entire water systems (e.g., thermal disinfection, hyperchlorination, copper-silver ionization) and focal disinfection of specific portions of those systems (UV sterilization, instantaneous heating systems, ozonation). These treatment procedures have each their limitations and disadvantages in preventing the recolonization of Legionella in most water distribution systems.

Substantial advancements have been made since the past years, and the Elgressy LPB system is the latest development with astonishing results. The Elgressy LPB system has been tested at Asaf Harofeh Hospital and consequently approved by the Ministry of Health in Israel. The LPB system is maintenance-free (only requiring bi-annual check-ups and electrode replacement once every 5 years) and affordable, comparable to copper-silver ionization systems in price, but with substantial better results and supplementary systems for safety and back-up.

About Elgressy Engineering Services Ltd.

Founded in 1988, Elgressy Engineering Services Ltd. has developed a technology that has been widely recognized as the most effective method in treating a variety of water quality and management problems, such as controlling Legionella in water systems. Its effectiveness and safety have been proven in laboratories and in several field tests, and has been endorsed by medical facilities, hotels, government departments (prisons, army bases), and sport and health clubs. There are more than 1,900 Elgressy systems installed worldwide. Elgressy products are protected by US and European patents, and other pending patent applications.

The Elgressy water treatment product line will be shown at AquaTech 2006 in Amsterdam, Netherlands on 26-29 September.

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