With Gotta-Gro™, You Won’t Treat Your Soil Like Dirt

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Late last year, National Stimulants, LLC teamed with Incredible Discoveries, a Deerfield Beach, Florida multi-media production company, to produce an infomercial about Gotta-Gro™ (http://www.gotta-gro.com).

Don’t treat the soil like dirt.

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Late last year, National Stimulants, LLC teamed with Incredible Discoveries, a Deerfield Beach, Florida multi-media production company, to produce an infomercial about Gotta-Gro™ (http://www.gotta-gro.com). Set to air late September-early October, people in several test markets across the nation will be able to learn about this natural basic stimulant. Incredible Discoveries “specializes in half-hour infomercials dedicated to incredible products.” Incredible Discoveries first learned about Gotta-Gro™ after reading a PRWeb Direct release last summer.

Our health conscious and environmentally friendly population continues to grow in this country, as we begin to look beyond ourselves into caring for future generations’ overall health and well-being. Words such as organic, natural, global and green have moved beyond buzzwords into lifestyle choices that appear to be here to stay. Wade Dunivent of National Stimulants, LLC in Nixa, Missouri, has had the best interest of the future in mind for over a quarter of a century. In 1979, Dunivent introduced the NB-S Process from which Gotta-Gro™ was born and maintains it is unique because it “performs every time, under all circumstances and has for over 27 years, on commodity crops, worldwide.”

Consumers, nurseries and landscapers can benefit from a process with proven results enjoyed by members of the agricultural industry for over 25 years. Gotta-Gro™ is an environmentally responsible, natural, basic stimulant whose synergistic effect when applied to flowers, plants, lawn, trees and vegetables, is certain to awaken the life of your soil.

Gotta-Gro™ gives consumers an opportunity to see phenomenal results using an economical, child and pet friendly product that is chemical free. Currently used by farms and turf growers in 30 states and many foreign countries it was tested and proven for five years under a generic name by the USDA. A growing number of consumers are using Gotta-Gro™ since its 2005 introduction and are realizing first hand, that they too can enjoy luxurious lawns, vibrant flowers, thriving trees and healthful vegetable gardens.

NB-S™ / Gotta-Gro™ is a natural, basic, organic stimulant that is produced in specially designed tanks for a multi-stage fermentation process. This process removes the ingredients (primarily the fungi) from the bio-mass and turns them into a highly concentrated, non-odorous liquid. As part of the process, the extract is enhanced with compound organic substances – vitamins. The combination of the extracted fungi and the compound organic substances create a synergistic effect when applied to the soil. Dormant bacterium is awakened and produces an almost instantaneous effect due to increased germination seen with new seeding. This formulation has reduced and often totally eliminates hardpan and compaction. Gotta-Gro™ can convert low or high ph problems into a normal ph-range. While it is not intended as a replacement for nominal fertilizer usage, consumers will find it significantly reduces the amount needed.

To be clear, Gotta-Gro™ is not a fertilizer. This process extracts the spores of beneficial microbes that occur naturally in the bio-mass. The microbes interact with the organic matter in the bio-mass and the soil to produce nutrients the plant can use. By using Gotta-Gro™, the amount of time required for decomposition and nutrient release is vastly reduced. Additionally, the microbes interact swiftly with commercial fertilizers converting them into usable nutrients for the plant. A grower’s main focus should be how to increase the microbial populations and their activity to shorten the time span required to decompose natural or commercial fertilizer making the nutrients available to the plants more quickly and with a lesser amount of residue. Rather than to abuse and mine the soil, NB-S™ / Gotta-Gro™ helps to restore and maintain it allowing the grower to produce a good crop year after year.

Dunivent warns “Don’t treat the soil like dirt.” The focus needs to be on the importance of having and cultivating a robust microbial colony in the soil as it relates to the soil food web. Gotta-Gro™ provides beneficial microbes that are a crucial part of the food web. Not only do these microbes provide nutrition for the plant, they are also the first link in the food chain of a healthy soil. Their presence insures a food source for the larger creatures (protozoa and earthworms) in the food chain that are essential to a fertile soil.

Think of soil as a giant living organism that has very complex needs. If these needs are met and maintained, the soil will allow the miracle of plant growth to occur year after year. The first of these needs are the single cell microbes that are found by the billions in Gotta-Gro™. This is why the NB-S™ process can help cultivate even the poorest soils when used with a good fertility program.

During the twentieth century, the scientific community developed many new products such as synthetic fertilizers, chemicals for weed and insect killing, immunization and certain good preservatives. Some of these have proven to be beneficial overall while some have proven to be extremely detrimental to people, animals and the environment. Since World War II and until recently, the teaching was that synthetic fertilizers and chemicals were the proper (and only) way to treat our lawns, gardens and farmland. Environmentalists and some other sincere, dedicated and concerned individuals have created a movement toward alternative products. These positive developments confirm that our dependence on synthetic fertilizers and harmful chemicals can be reduced. This is welcome and timely news because worldwide soil deterioration is one of the major environmental problems we face today.

Testimonials from satisfied users of NB-S™ / Gotta-Gro™ confirm that Dunivent is doing the right thing. A farmer in Oklahoma recently wrote “Wheat, with the stimulant, did not lodge in hard wind storm; all other farmers not using the stimulant, had wheat lying on the ground.” A homeowner in Indiana reported that “drive-bys stop and ask what I did to have such a beautiful, healthy lawn.” A Springfield, Missouri rose grower reported that the first time she used this stimulant on her 600+ rose bushes, she won a blue ribbon. A Texas farmer stated “We saved over 40% on irrigation costs using the stimulant, our corn yields are up over 10% and we didn’t have to spray for spider mites as our neighbors did.”

Benefits of a healthy soil include: reduction of crusting and compaction, better water penetration and utilization, release of tied up minerals and nutrients, better root bundle development, proper ph balance, fewer pathogens and better immunity. These benefits back up National Stimulants’ claim that Gotta-Gro™ awakens the life of your soil.

About National Stimulants, LLC and Gotta-Gro™

Wade Dunivent has spent most of his career working with soil enhancers with a focus on earth-friendly solutions to commodity crop problems. Prior to developing NB-S™ for worldwide distribution, Wade was a grain broker. A long standing member of TPI (Turf Producers International) he is excited about increasing awareness of Gotta-Gro™ so all consumers have the opportunity to make the most of their growing endeavors. Dunivent is also creating a booklet tentatively titled “Your Chance for Progressive Changes- Make the Most of Everything You Grow in Soil.” Gotta-Gro™ is available to the consumer in quart bottles of super concentrate which makes approximately 16 gallons (or enough for 16,000 sq ft of lawn.) Turf farms, crop growers and landscapers may purchase in 50 gallon drums. National Stimulants, LLC is headquartered in Nixa, MO and can be reached at 866-902-9500 or via the web at http://www.gotta-gro.com.

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