Patented Anti-Smoking Device

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A robotic cigarette? Shock therapy? Not exactly.

In 2006, Brady Development, Inc. received U.S. utility patent 7,015,796 for its Linkman Smoking Cessation Device. This battery powered product helps smokers quit smoking without using yet more drugs.

It can be worn as a pendant or carried on a keychain, and it's shaped like a small cigarette, so you can fidget with it while you're quitting smoking.

It's simple to use, and the logic is dead on. To use the Linkman, you double-click the clear button on the end to request permission to smoke. If you haven't waited long enough between cigarettes, this button blinks red, letting you know to fight the urge to smoke a little longer.

When you try again after waiting long enough, you get a green light to smoke. For each cigarette, this weaning cycle repeats with a slightly longer waiting period.

The first thing many people ask is, 'what does it do, shock you?' Smokers don't need shock, they need help. Inventor JB Snyder says, "There is zero pain involved. Of all the methods there are to quit smoking, the Linkman delivers the least shock to your mind and body."

Many users have already reported success. One user reports, "It wasn’t hard to wait just a little longer for each cigarette. In a few days, the Linkman started weaning me off of my addiction to nicotine. Once I got down to one or two cigarettes a day, it was actually easier for me to totally quit than to keep smoking at that rate."

The Linkman is a well conceived product and its operation is flawless. The company is committed to excellence in customer satisfaction, and includes a 6-month warranty.

Made in the USA, the Linkman can only be purchased on the World Wide Web at Price: $79.95.


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