New Paradigm For Emotional Healing Is Revealed In Spiritually Challenging New Book

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In his first publication, There’s No Such Thing as a Negative Emotion, Zen master and spiritual teacher D.S. Barron challenged over 100 years of psychotherapeutic research and practice, as well as all systems of Eastern transcendental teaching and Western religious and spiritual teachings, “to expose the distortions,” he says, “that continue to prevent true self-transmutation from taking place.” In his latest book, Enheartenment: Embodiment of the Divine Human, Barron continues his challenges, focusing especially on the practice of Buddhism, which he says in its “glamour-laden, transcendental-based guru teachings, never touch what Gautama was actually trying to teach.”

In Enheartenment, Barron shows how neither ego-based nor non-ego-based paths that address the cause of suffering adequately understand the true nature and significance of the human emotional body. As a result, he has created an overall paradigm and personal practice called Emotional Body Enlightenment (EBE®).

“It is time to finally be given the means as to how to actually transmute ourselves, slowly but surely, from the Heart outward and not from attitude or behavior inward, into that which is most essential, most mature, and most in technicolor resonance with our human divinity.”

Enheartenment also reveals a completely new model for reaching a state of emotional and spiritual maturity, which Barron calls Theohumanity. Barron: “Someone who has attained enlightenment of their emotional body has enough healthy self-Love within their own being to not need to express themselves narcissistically. They would thus have a surfeit of Love that naturally spills out and expressively touches the hearts of others without any admonition needed to do so as any kind of compulsion or ‘should’.”

Through Enheartenment, Barron explains how the cause of all human suffering comes from “the fear of unconscious emotional unworth and disconnect; the fear of death or loss of personal ego; and the fear of surrendering personal will, growth requirements, and life outcomes to an unseen Maker-Creator Being. “Enheartenment,” Barron says, “is the most mature state of human consciousness, attained only by the triple embodiment of the states of Personhood, Sagehood, and Sainthood consciousness within one life.”

Daniel S. Barron is the founder of Project Theohumanity and author of Enheartenment, Him, Gnospel, There’s No Such Thing as a Negative Emotion, and the theatrical play, Josie. Barron offers weeklong retreats, weekend teaching seminars, and individual healing sessions. He is currently based in Ashland, Oregon.

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