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Share Article has myspace glitter, grahics, layouts, codes, tweaks, so that myspace users who want to pimp their myspace are able to. My Space profiles can be updated and changed with myspace updates and the latest in myspace tools. is the ultimate myspace resource site for all your my space needs. ( - a one-stop Website for all your MySpace needs, is now under new ownership.

Swords & Cues L.L.C. has recently acquired the business and website of, in addition to their other popular websites of,,,, and was originally launched in April 1999 by its founders, entrepreneurs Paul Hirner and Ari Freeman, who changed its name to in 2000. The current MySpace service was founded in July 2003 and is not affiliated in any way, nor endorsed by, this new service.

The orignal functionality of the Site was to provide Free Disk Space for anyone on the internet. Today this website, built with the MySpace User in mind, is the premier myspace resource site with many myspace graphics, myspace layouts, myspace glitter, myspace codes, myspace backgrounds, myspace tweaks, myspace videos and more. ( will help you create an exciting MySpace site starting with our unique and exciting layouts. Then you can add animated graphics, glitter graphics, modify your text to make it your own style, add videos, add moving text and graphics, just about anything that other websites can do.

What is MySpace*?

MySpace is a social network site. In structure, MySpace is not particularly unique. The site is a hodgepodge of features previously surfaced by sites like Friendster, Hot or Not, Xanga, Rate My Teacher, etc. At the core are profiles that are connected by links to friends on the system. Profiles are personalized to express an individual's interests and tastes, thoughts of the day and values. Music, photos and video help users make their profile more appealing.

The friend network allows people to link to their friends and people can traverse the network through these profiles. An individual's "Top 8" friends are displayed on the front page of their profile; all of the rest appear on a separate page. Bands, movie stars, and other media creators have profiles within the system and fans can friend them as well. People can comment on each others' profiles or photos and these are typically displayed publicly.

Originally, the site was 18+ and all data was public. Over time, the age limit dropped to 16 and then, later, to 14. The youngest users are given the option to make their profiles visible to friends-only and they do not appear in searches.

When someone starts an account, they are given an initial friend - Tom Anderson, one of the founders of MySpace. By surfing the site, they find and add additional friends. Once on MySpace, most time is spent modifying one's own profile, uploading photos, sending messages, checking out friends' profiles and commenting on them. Checking messages and getting comments is what brings people back to MySpace every day.

When MySpace was initially introduced, skeptics thought that it would be just another fad because previous sites like Friendster had risen and crashed. Unlike the 20-somethings who invaded Friendster, the teens have more reason to participate in profile creation and public commentary. Furthermore, MySpace's messaging is better suited for youths' asynchronous messaging needs. They can send messages directly from friends' profiles and check whether or not their friends have logged in and received their email. Unlike adults, youth are not invested in email; their primary peer-to-peer communication occurs synchronously over IM. Their use of MySpace is complementing that practice.

Many teens access MySpace at least once a day or whenever computer access is possible. Teens that have a computer at home keep MySpace opened while they are doing homework or talking on instant messenger. In schools where it is not banned or blocked, teens check MySpace during passing period, lunch, study hall and before/after school. This is particularly important for teens who don't have computer access at home. For most teens, it is simply a part of everyday life - they are there because their friends are there and they are there to hang out with those friends. Of course, its ubiquitousness does not mean that everyone thinks that it is cool. Many teens complain that the site is lame, noting that they have better things to do. Yet, even those teens have an account which they check regularly because it's the only way to keep up with the Jones's.

With all these reasons to own a MySpace account, offers you the resources to make your site Unique and your own style.

All Content and Images are Copyrighted to FreeDiskSpace unless otherwise Posted. Some myspace comment images, image codes, graphics, pictures & animations remain Copyright to their respective owners. All Trademarks are owned by their respected owners. Our only purpose is to Pimp Out Your Myspace profile! is not Affilated with or endorsed by in any way.


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