The A.R.T. of Prospecting Takes Network Marketing Prospecting to New Heights by Maximising Team's Internet Presence & Positioning

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Affiliates can leverage the ART of prospecting to build winning arrangements that benefit their entire organization.

That's the one thing that network marketers absolutely should not do

The A.R.T. (Attract by Replicating Tuition) of Prospecting is a powerful new system for network marketing professionals, enabling all affiliates in their organization to sponsor people into their own teams.

Traditional prospecting no longer works for the vast majority of network marketers. It puts the onus on MLM entrepreneurs to constantly pitch family, friends and workmates to either buy products/services or become affiliates. When personal contacts run out (known jokingly as the, “no friends left club”), they are encouraged to advertise, randomly hand out flyers or recruitment cards, or buy lists of leads and sit on the phone for hours calling them. It is all about trying to create interest where it currently doesn’t exist.

"That's the one thing that network marketers absolutely should not do," said Charlie Wildish creator of the A.R.T. of Prospecting system. "Instead, the A.R.T. of Prospecting system means affiliates can position themselves so that already interested prospects come to them."

The A.R.T. of Prospecting: Attract by Replicating Tuition, is based on a simple idea – draw prospects (who are already interested in Network Marketing) by providing them with engaging information they can use to build their own businesses. Since it's automated it can deal with tens of thousands of inquiries at the same time. The entrepreneur only has to spend their time with inquiries from the really interested prospects.

It is designed to be replicable so that entrepreneurs and all their downline can have a personal automated tuition website, regardless of experience. It positions them as an expert helping others to be successful. Some of the prospects receiving this help will like it so much that they will ask the “expert” to sponsor them.

For a while now, enlightened network marketing professionals have changed the way they attract prospects and have sponsored record breaking numbers by using the powerful new ”attraction” methods. Some of these people used these principles to make five figure monthly incomes in less than 12 weeks.

They did this by creating websites where other marketers can take out an affiliate position, have a replicated website and then send their own prospects to receive free automated generic information and tuition from the host website.

The Attract by Replicating Tuition system takes this a step further, by allowing people to have their own personal tuition site that is NOT part of an affiliate system. This has two enormous benefits:

It allows any network marketer to set themselves up as a tutor and attract prospects, rather than having to send their prospects to a third party (owner of the affiliates' site). Sending a prospect to somebody else is the same as saying that they are better than you, which diminishes positioning and ability to sponsor.

It allows network marketers to keep a prospect list private, rather than sharing them with the owners of the affiliates' sites.

The Attract by Replicating Tuition system is designed to give the average network marketer on a low budget the very best positioning possible on the Internet, regardless of experience, background and previous success.

It also incorporates a Funded Proposal. That is a low cost, “front end” service that a prospect will need to invest in, in order to replicate an A.R.T. of Prospecting course. So when a prospect invests in the low cost services offered, entrepreneurs will in turn get paid even if the prospect does not join their Network Marketing company.

The A.R.T. of Prospecting course is totally free and delivered to entrepreneurs by email over 10 days. It promises to teach the following:

How to attract people who may later want to join even without meeting or speaking to them; by offering them a solution to their problems in building their own Network Marketing company.

How to make an A.R.T. of Prospecting course self funding so that it pays for itself and makes money out of prospects that don’t join the network marketing company.

How to gain position as an expert (regardless of experience) by tutoring other affiliates.

Why traditional network marketing methods don’t work for most people.

Eliminate traditional prospecting (warm list) and cold calling lists of disinterested people.

Why network marketers will never need to pitch anybody ever again.

How to build a huge list of prospects who are already interested so that MLM marketers only have to deal with pre-educated prospects.

How to market an A.R.T. of Prospecting website on the internet.

The most important questions to answer for most new prospects is, “can I do it”? It is more important than how wonderful the compensation plan is, how brilliant the products or services are or how phenomenally successful the company is. If a prospect doesn’t think they can sponsor others they won’t become network marketing affiliates. The A.R.T. of Prospecting: Attract by Replicating Tuition course shows a prospect that they can do it, even before they know details about the business. For more information and to take the free course, visit


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