'Where There's Smoke', a DreamSinger Multi-Media Project, Creating a Landscape of Healing for Relational Aggression through the Synergy of Word and Song

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Demian Yumei, known as 'DreamSinger' in the music world, and author of 'Little Yellow Pear Tomatoes', award winning children's book, continues her work as an advocate for women and children with her new digital multi-media book, 'Where There's Smoke - Healing and Transcending the Fire of Relational Aggression'. Through the written word and four original songs, Demian challenges the misconception surrounding relational aggression or covert bullying, and offers a unique experience in healing and empowerment for women and girls.

At any given moment with compassion and accountability, an individual can define who they are and who they will be.

Demian Yumei, voice, lyricist and melody muse of 'DreamSinger', author of 'Little Yellow Pear Tomatoes', and human rights advocate, tackles the stereotypes and misconceptions of relational aggression with a synergy of music and words in her new digital multi-media book, 'Where There's Smoke - Healing and Transcending the Fire of Relational Aggression'.

'Where There's Smoke' takes a persuasive and critical look at the dynamics of relational aggression or covert bullying. Using the power of music to underscore the message of hope and empowerment, Demian creates a musical landscape of the healing journey against a backdrop of valuable information and insight for those affected by relational aggression.

"I believe in the beauty and power of female friendships. I have experienced them too many times and too deeply not to" Demian says. However, she acknowledges the underside of these relationships, the covert aggression women or girls can feel and inflict in manipulative ways to one another, but Demian asserts, "Relational aggression does not define who women are." Demian goes on to clarify that "Relational aggression isn't about a specific person, a 'bitch' we love to hate, as much as a state of mind; a set of choices we all can make."

In her music partnership with Stacey Young, multi-instrumentalist and composer, Demian's voice and musical style have been likened to Enya or Loreena McKennitt, but as an advocate she speaks and writes with a strength and passion that belies her petite appearance.

'Backstabber' is one of four streaming songs in the book, different from the normally ethereal and multi-cultural sound, characteristic of 'DreamSinger'. "It took a lot for me to express that kind of anger in 'Backstabber', which is why it was so important for me to do it", Demian explains. "Because relational aggression is all about preserving your image and using other people to express the negative feelings you have, but can't own, I was determined to use my voice to express the darker human emotions…not just the pretty stuff."

Each song represents a specific stage on the healing journey. The letting go of 'Dancing Cranes' was written after expressing her anger in 'Backstabber'. 'For the Sake of Love' with its message of forgiveness followed and 'Look Inside You' is the invitation Demian extends in all her writings and music.

Demian brings over 33 years of experience with various human rights activities and healing modalities, as well as a keen understanding of human nature in her writings. Her most poignant songs have come from her own experience with incest and the passion she feels to reach out to those who despair with music and hope.

The last three songs of "Where There's Smoke" can be found on Demian's 'DreamSinger' CD, named after the song, 'For the Sake of Love', available at CD Baby or PCAR, Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape.

"The underlying message in all my projects is that the wound does not define the person, and neither does the knife", Demian says. "At any given moment with compassion and accountability, an individual can define who they are and who they will be."

Demian wrote 'Where There's Smoke' as much for the bully or aggressor as for the target or victim.

"Where There's Smoke' is available through Demian's personal website, KeepingtheDream.com, cyber home for her thoughts on the healing journey and central hub for her creative and activist projects or http://www.relationalaggression.net, where Demian maintains a blog and offers a free mini e-course. Demian's DreamSinger site is http://www.dreamsinger.org.

Demian is planning to publish a printed version of 'Where There's Smoke' in the near future.

About Demian Yumei "DreamSinger"

Demian is indie singer/songwriter, 'DreamSinger', in partnership with Stacey Young, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer. Demian is actively involved in the creation of her projects, from inception to production. She is a published author through Illumination Arts, a life long advocate for human rights and responsibility, and a friend to the earth and animals. Keeping the Dream is the website and umbrella name for all of Demian's creative projects and activism.


Demian Elaine' Yumei

Keeping the Dream

PO Box 238

Craley, PA 17312


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