How Will Your Lifestyle Affect Your Future Health?

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New health risk calculators launched. The tools include calculations for 14 different diseases, helping you to understand how your lifestyle behavior will affect your future health.

The lifestyle choices you make now will affect your health in the future. People know and understand this but often push these thoughts to the back of their minds. Health tools have been developed by Globalsurance to illustrate the effects people's lifestyle behaviors will have on their future health and to encourage them to make changes now. The tools include calculations for 16 different diseases including: cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Calculations take into account real life factors such as peoples attitudes, eating habits, drinking habits and smoking. By relating lifestyle factors directly to an individuals future health it is hoped that people will look to help themselves now while the diseases are still preventable. Making certain lifestyle changes can dramatically reduce your chances of developing particular diseases in your future.

The new Life Summarization Tool combines all 15 of the health tools into one. It has the ability to analyze many different factors, providing individuals with health predictions throughout the remainder of their life. It estimates peoples' life expectancy and provides detailed predictions on the state of their health as they grow older. It even factors in medical advances to its calculations so those born in the late 80s will tend to live a lot longer than people born in the 50s or before. By using this tool, people can see how their lifestyle affects their future health. The results should help individuals to pinpoint the lifestyle factors that they can change to protect their health. An example would be that a reduction in alcohol consumption will increase your life expectancy but also reduce the chances of stroke, heart disease and liver disease.

Prediction tools have been created by combining health statistics from a number of reputable health agencies with information about disease risk factors. Users and web-masters can find the tools on-line at ; they have been created to make it easy for others to place the tools on their own website. It is hoped that the more people who see how their current lifestyle will affect their health in old age, the more likely they will be to seek help and make important lifestyle changes to the benefit of their health.

Statistics alone do not provide a clear picture of the best methods of preventing the development of diseases. This is why the tool section on provides articles detailing information on all of the diseases. The information covers a general rundown of the disease, symptoms, prevention techniques and treatments available. People now have all the information necessary to completely change their lifestyle after all everyone wants to enjoy their golden years with loved ones.

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