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Today, Method123 announced a major new release of their MPMM Project Management Software. "This is a world first," says Jason Westland, chief executive of MPMM and Method123.

Today, Method123 announced a major new release of their MPMM Project Management Software. "This is a world first," says Jason Westland, chief executive of MPMM and Method123.

'MPMM' is a Project Management Methodology that is based on the worldwide standards PMI and Prince2. It helps Project Managers and project teams to deliver projects more successfully by giving them the project processes, methods and templates needed.

The latest version of MPMM, released at allows users to customize the MPMM Methodology on their desktop. "Project Managers and teams can now create and customize a Project Management Methodology to fit perfectly within their business," says Westland.

"Before MPMM appeared on the project horizon, Project Managers and teams used whatever processes and templates they had available to manage their projects. These processes and templates usually comprised of miscellaneous documents that Managers had used to deliver their projects. But now by using MPMM, Project Managers can create and customize a single set of project management tools, processes and templates for their business."

"As the MPMM processes have been created for all project types and sizes, Managers can use them across all of their projects. They don't have to start from scratch each time they start a new project. Managers can also use the templates included within MPMM to save them time and effort when creating project deliverables. A complete suite of project management templates are included within MPMM, covering every phase in the project management life cycle. Users can also access an entire suite of project management case studies, which provide Managers and teams with practical examples of successful projects. Together, the processes, templates and case studies provide the most comprehensive project management methodology available on the web today."

The latest version of MPMM allows users to customize the Project Management Methodology to meet the specific needs of their business. Each project management environment has its own project terminology, culture and processes that must be incorporated into a methodology to be successful. MPMM allows for this customization by enabling users to upload their existing methodology, merge it with the MPMM methodology and customize the MPMM methodology itself.

In this way, Project Managers are able to create a single Project Management Methodology to fit perfectly within their business. MPMM Version 3.0 also allows users to upload their existing project management templates, so that they can create a single set of templates for managing projects.

Westland says that several other useful functions have been added to MPMM, such as enabling users to create and share methodologies between projects, departments and companies. "For the first time, users can create a brand new project management methodology and send it to other colleagues to share. In fact, in addition to creating project management methodologies, many customers use MPMM to create other types of methodologies. Some examples include methodologies for managing human resources, finance, strategies, programs and portfolios of work. MPMM can now be used to create and apply any type of business methodology, in any type of sector. It's truly one of a kind."

By adopting a formal methodology such as MPMM, projects experience reduced project delays, increased staff productivity and improvements in project efficiency.

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