Will You Have This Superfood on Your Table This Christmas?

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While Superfood status is difficult to achieve, that's what the humble blueberry did last year as Vegetarian Times noted the berry's standing as highest in antioxidant power among 20 plant competitors.

We chose blueberries for emphasis in the first Berry Wise formulas because they have great nutrients and a compelling health story

The status of Superfood is difficult to achieve, but that's exactly what the blueberry did last year as Vegetarian Times ranked its seven overachievers.

Blueberries, a central ingredient in the newly released supplements found in the United States and Canada at Berrywiseinc.com (http://www.Berrywiseinc.com), were noted in the Times' top 7 as a Superfood that may help reverse some effects of aging and contained the highest antioxidant power of the 20 most common fruits and berries. The blueberry also achieved super status due to its ability to reduce cholesterol and help prevent urinary tract infections. The blueberry shared the Superfood roundtable with spinach, oats, soy, broccoli, tomatoes and tea, making the berry - arguably - the best-tasting of the bunch.

The makers of Berry Wise are quite familiar with the great taste and health properties of the blueberry. They've packed two formulas - Berry Wise Antioxidant and Berry Wise Fiber & Antioxidant - with blueberries, as well as eight other dark berries, nine minerals, four fibers and 12 essential vitamins.

"We chose blueberries for emphasis in the first Berry Wise formulas because they have great nutrients and a compelling health story," said Berry Health Inc. founder Dr. Gross, an authority on antioxidant drugs and founding member of the International Berry Health Association. "They have great color and taste, they are popular in the public, and they have growing public interest as the 'poster' berry among this class of fruit."

While the blueberry has generated a great amount of attention in recent years for its health benefits, it's receiving plenty of competition that's challenging its reign as the strongest antioxidant fruit. Two lesser-known berries, the South American palmberry, açaí, and Chinese wolfberry (goji berry), are making a strong push to be regarded as the most health-beneficial berries.

Dr. Gross said it's crucial to note that the catalyst of Berry Wise products may be the wild blueberry, but the inclusion of other berries is just as important.

"Our interest at Berry Health Inc. is the whole nutrition story about berries, not just an interest in blueberries," said Dr. Gross, an expert on cardiovascular and brain physiology. "We want to encompass the advantages and benefits of all berries for our products and our customers, and maintain that the nutrients and other chemicals such as antioxidant pigments of different berries act synergistically to promote health." Dr. Gross's free CD on berries, antioxidants and health can also be found at http://www.berrywiseonline.com


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