Big New Wireless Naming Contest from WTRS ... Winner Gets Free Stuff

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WTRS (West Technology Research Solutions) today announced the formation of a totally strange subsidiary called "Wretched Wireless News" to be published occasionally as an absolutely no charge addendum to their widely read newsletter "Heard On The Wire."

"Wretched Wireless News" (with a tip of the hat to "Wretched Mess News" and the pioneering work of its editor Milford Poltron) will try to bring a bit of humor and distraction to the wireless struggles only now beginning to reach a fevered pitch.

Our first blast is a Big New Contest…an opportunity for all you folks out there to try and dream up new names for new wireless companies. Since all of us know that good names are already taken, we're going to have to stretch our gray cells in order to win this one.

Suggested names should be sent in to WTRS, with or without author identified, and may be published in later issues of the Wretched Wireless News. All entries become the property of WTRS, but if you want them back, we're open to offers. Entries already submitted include:


    Endofthewire Inc

    WhatAMesh llc

    "Watson - unplug that damn thing"Inc

    Wedon'tneednostinkingwires Inc (very hard to say on the phone)

    Wirenot Llc

    GotNoStringsOnMe Inc

    Slip the surly wires of earth Inc (bad taste!)

Entries submitted in PigLatin receive bonus points.

So send in your ideas and you may be the lucky winner of an absolutely free prototype produced by a new company which might have the winning name. Please note that there is no company yet, and deciding on a prototype means deciding on a product, which means deciding on a name. Familiar process eh? Is this a great world or what?

Alternate prizes (to be awarded on a totally arbitrary basis) include an autographed photo of our Founder, suitable for framing. Of course you can never have more than one alternate (in English anyway), so that's it.

Please submit entries early to avoid the rush. Send via e-mail (no gifts please).

Come up with really creative suggestions and we'll even put them in our real newsletter, "Heard On The Wire"- in any case even the losers will get the real newsletter as well as the new "Wretched Wireless News." Doesn't get any better.

Just another ancillary service from WTRS - West Technology Research Solutions LLC, specializing in wireless networks, mesh, zigbee, uwb, wimax, wilan, 802, 15, wi, fi, wibro, insteon, Z-Wave, Wavenis, industrial, commercial and residential sensors and automation.


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