Power Hungry Travelers Now Have a Solution

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Power hungry travelers now have a solution at the DFW airport gates to keep their portables charged.

A Dallas-based company has installed PUMP stations at the DFW International Airport to bring more convenience to the travelers.

AdComp-TELeasy Corporation is a kiosk developer that has designed some pretty intriguing products over the years. After having produced thousands of Internet-Email kiosks, VOIP payphones, phone card PIN vending kiosks, multimedia photo-video kiosks, newspaper kiosks, DVD vending kiosks, music burning kiosks and bill payment kiosks, TELeasy has now developed and installed a very fascinating and problem solving solution for all airport travelers all over the world.

This new kiosk is called the "PUMP" station. "PUMP" stands for "Power-Up My Portable." They have the ability of providing convenient, controlled power outlet sockets under hundreds of seats located at the gates.

The pilot project is underway at six gates at the DFW International Airport and already, over 800 passengers have used the system in about four weeks. Passengers now have the luxury of being comfortably seated right by the boarding gate in existing chairs and have their laptops, cell phones and other portables plugged into a power socket to keep them charged.

The outlets are secure, controlled and managed. The power sockets are normally off and no electricity is flowing out of them until a passenger selects that outlet or seat number on a touch screen kiosk and pays $2 for a 30 minute time period. The kiosk accepts cash and credit card payments.

"Many travelers will empathize with my feelings of desperation in hunting for wall sockets at the airports and sitting uncomfortably on the floor in a business suit and struggling to keep the cell phone or laptop charged."

We all hope to see the PUMP stations at every gate at every airport in the world. It is an excellent solution for power hungry travelers in a power hungry world.

For more information on TELeasy Corporation's self service kiosk innovations, please visit http://www.teleasy.com.


John Johnson, Director of Marketing

TELeasy Corporation




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