19 Year Old Platinum Plus Universal Artist Daniel Feterick Loses His Battle with Cancer

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After a long four year battle with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML), Daniel Feterick lost his battle with this rare aggressive cancer on December 27 at Riley Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. Daniels's hit song, "I'm Waiting For The Sun To Find Me," was released just 2 months before Daniel's death. The album was produced by MCA Universal Hall Of Famer, Robert Metzgar in Nashville. Contributions can be made directly to Daniel's family for the album.

We have two options in life both medically and emotionally. We can give up or fight like hell. I chose to fight back. When you are in a difficult place, realize that the Lord either placed you there or allowed you to be there for reasons perhaps unknown for now, only to Him. The same God that led you in, will certainly lead you out. I found meaning in the Lance Armstrong slogans

Eclectic rocker & guitarist Daniel J Feterick, just nineteen years of age, died at 4:30 p.m. December 27, at Riley Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana, after a long battle with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. Daniel was engaged to marry Erin Hall at the time of his death. His funeral Mass was Saturday at St. Mary's Catholic Church with Father David Buckles officiating. Daniel was signed to Platinum Plus Universal records in Nashville and produced by veteran hit-maker Robert Metzgar.

The young music artist came to Nashville when he was only 18 and spoke with Legends Hall Of Fame producer, Robert Metzgar about recording an album during the interim period between the two battles he had with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML). Daniel was first diagnosed with cancer in August of 2002. He went through 3 rounds of chemotherapy, made an amazing recovery and returned to his normal life. He graduated from Frankfort High School and entered Anderson University to study Bible and Christian ministry. While in school, he worked at the Clinton County Boys & Girls club and the Jim Dandy restaurant where he often sang with his guitar and his band called "Rustik Roots." The last concert Daniel and the band had was for the Relay For Life Cancer walk in Frankfort, Indiana.

The medical expenses and costs for the first battle with cancer devastated the family financially and by the time Daniel was sitting in Mr. Metzgar's office in Nashville, he asked how he could go about recording an album of music to sell and help out his parents recover financially from the medical bills and the stress that his lengthy illness had placed on them. Mr. Metzgar and film director Wayne Hall agreed to help Daniel get an album together, which was launched just a couple of months before his death. The album was entitled, "I'm Waiting For The Sun To Find Me."

Daniel said, "I decided to send a demo to some music people to see if I could get some interest in my singing. Mr. Metzgar recognized how important this was to me when others didn't." I got a call from Mr. Metzgar after he read my letter to him. We met in his office on music row in Nashville with my parents. Mr. Metzgar signed me to record 12 songs."

Daniel said on his web site, "It was the most incredible experience of my life. It was my dream and Robert helped me fulfill that dream." I recorded at the world famous Chelsea Studios where Alan Jackson and Shania Twain worked as demo singers. Mr. Metzgar saw to it that I recorded with the most famous session players in Nashville. I looked at Toby Keith's album credits and all the guys that worked for him worked for me. No one scrimped on my album. I could have never afforded to do this without his help. I couldn't wait till the CD's arrived. It was a dream come true.

"A month before my CDs arrived, my doctors told me the cancer was back. I knew that treatment this time would require more chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant, and months and months of recovery. I was just too weak to go out and perform my songs. I did the very best I could on the album even though I was weakened by my illness."

Tony Migliore and Chuck Haines helped him with his vocals in the studio. "Mr. Metzgar arranged to distribute the album through Select-O-Hits and other retail music outlets and I called him from the hospital when I got my first check from the sales. I said, "I think they like me." And, the sales kept on coming from various outlets.

"Robert Metzgar was my mental salvation, " Daniel said. "We have two options in life both medically and emotionally. We can give up or fight like hell. I chose to fight back. When you are in a difficult place, realize that the Lord either placed you there or allowed you to be there for reasons perhaps unknown for now, only to Him. The same God that led you in, will certainly lead you out. I found meaning in the Lance Armstrong slogans "Live Strong," and I had a sign "Live Stronger," Daniel related to his friends and supporters online.

Legends Hall Of Fame producer, Robert Metzgar said, "I have always been so touched by the ministry of the Catholic Church. I was touched by their ministry to Daniel Feterick and his family. When I was deathly sick as a little boy in the jungles of Guatemala, wonderful Catholic missionaries not only helped me medically, but they flew me home and paid for my medical help so I could recover. I owe a great debt of gratitude to the Catholic Church and their ministries to people just like Daniel and myself. "Sometimes in life, you don't do what is convenient, you just do what's right. Recording Daniel Feterick was the right thing to do," the white haired veteran of the Billboard charts remarked as he looked away into the distance during our interview in his music row office.

Daniel made several trips to get his vocals on the album even though he was very weak and had great difficulty getting all of the songs completed in his physical condition. "It was his dream and I didn't want to deny him that dream," Metzgar said. Somehow we found the money and sponsors to pay for the album and get the product together and got it to Daniel in time. I know he called me from the hospital bed every time someone bought one of his CD's. Mr. Metzgar said, "I think it might be appropriate to include the lyrics to Daniel's hit song, "I'm Waiting For The Sun To Find Me." I was fortunate to get the song for Daniel to record.

Mr. Metzgar shared this in our interview, "I called the country songwriter of the year, Tom Shapiro and asked him for an appropriate song for Daniel Feterick to record." He said, "Robert two of my songwriters have just finished what I think would be the right song for Daniel." The song written by Monty Russ Criswell and Roger Murrah says it all. I know Daniel is in a better place and singing with all the great legendary singers who have gone on before him. "I think Johnny Cash and June Carter have probably joined Daniel on this song."

Here are the lyrics:


Verse One: I know my day will come. When all the hurting's done, I don't know how and don't know when....When life is more than holding on, to something that's already gone, I guess I'll just keep holding on till then.

Chorus: I'm waiting for the sun to find me...a ray of hope so bright it blinds me...O I sure could use a rainbow now...a little parting of the clouds...to feel Your love inside... me...I'm just waiting for the Sun to find me...

Bridge: Healing takes a little time....it's hard to know just where to start.......lost inside this broken heart....

Modulation: I'm waiting for the sun to find me....a ray of hope so bright it blinds

Me...O I sure could use a rainbow now....a little parting of the clouds...to feel Your love inside me....O I'm waiting for the Sun to find me...

Written by: Monte Criswell/Roger Murrah (BMI)

Wenonga Music/Sony ATV Tree Publishing (BMI)

Contributions in behalf of Daniel Feterick may be sent directly to his parents. His album is also available for those who want to help by sending a contribution to the Daniel Feterick Memorial:

Daniel Feterick


1859 Cheryl Lane

Frankfort, IN 46041

765-659-4053 (home)

765-242-8856 (parent's cell phone)


Robert Metzgar, GM

Platinum Plus Universal

1214 16th Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37212-2902

800-767-4984 (toll free)

615-321-0600 (wk)

615-321-0182 (fax)


Father David Buckles

St. Mary's Catholic Church

600 St. Mary's Avenue

Frankfort, IN 46041



Riley's Hospital For Children

950 North Meridian Street

Indianapolis, IN 46201

800-248-1199 (toll free)


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