An Outspoken Author Unleashes A 'Ruthless' Second Book, With No Hope of Inspiring Others

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Speaker and consultant Aaron McNaught, author of 'Ruthless Words: Unsentimental Quotations From The World's Wisdom Sources', offers contrary points of view as an alternative to the 'Chicken Soup' mentality.

When Aaron McNaught, author of the new book 'Ruthless Words: Unsentimental Quotations From The World's Wisdom Sources', set out to discover the source of his own suffering almost 16 years ago, he found that true life exploration has little to do with feel-good stories, pleasantries and nice-isms. In fact, he suggests that our answers often lay in the exact opposite direction.

While McNaught declines outright rejection of most approaches to personal and professional development, he suggests that many are laden with fluffy delusions and new-age hokiness. Says McNaught, "Many people would rather have a band aid fix that feels good, rather than hear the painful truth. We are a society that promotes illusions. The truth hurts, and disillusionment is one of the biggest precursors to healing, growth and wisdom."

Quoting sources as diverse as Albert Einstein, Oscar Wilde, Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan, The Dali Lama, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Camus, Mark Twain, Homer Simpson and numerous Eastern and Western mystics, politicians and philosophers, Ruthless Words is a compendium that pulls no punches in its commentary on society, humanity and the world.

Interspersed throughout the book are short essays written by McNaught, on topics such as beliefs, life, death, freedom and suffering, as well as his own, hard won understandings and perspectives.

McNaught claims that in his explorations, many of the great teachers and lessons he has encountered had a decidedly harsh, uncompromising and ruthless flavor to them. Says McNaught, "The Chicken Soup For The Soul phenomenon says very little about deep wisdom or reality. Mass consumption does not equal profundity, and while comfort and consolation are at times desirable, they are seldom transformative and often detrimental. I put this book together to address those views and have found it incredibly well received."

'Ruthless Words: Unsentimental Quotations From The World's Wisdom Sources.' (Jan 2007 * Self-Help* ISBN 0-9781324-1-6) is available through the author's website:

About the author:

Aaron McNaught is the owner of Aaron McNaught Education/Consultations, an Alberta based business providing seminars, workshops and consultations to individuals and businesses interested in going far beyond average personal and professional development.

Aaron lives in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. He has also recently released, 'Waking Up to Life! The Art & Skill of Awakened Attention'.


Aaron McNaught, author

'Ruthless Words: Unsentimental Quotations From The World's Wisdom Sources.'

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