Porn Filters are Ineffective at Protecting Children

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Children at risk on the Internet -- with over 400 million pages of pornography available on the Web, even if a filter could block 99.9% of all of the pornography, there would still be over 4 million Web pages of pornography remaining that are not blocked.

According to a recent University of New Hampshire study, 42% of children, ages 10 to 17, have seen pornography over the Internet. Worse, an estimated 33% of those children said that they actively sought out sexually explicit content on the Web.

Furthermore, a recent analysis of Web content that was presented in federal court during the Children's Online Protection Act hearings last November indicated that, at best, software filters could only block 91 percent of sexually explicit Web pages.

What is so alarming about all these numbers? With an estimated 400 million individual Web pages of Internet pornography available on the Web today, even if a parent installed a filter, children would still have nearly unlimited access to 36 million Web pages of pornography -- effectively making Internet filtering worthless.

And if a child is one of the 33% that actively seeks out Internet pornography, a software filter would amount to little more than a speed bump along an endless road of Internet pornography. Furthermore, if the child lived in a home without a filter, they have access to all 400 million web pages of pornography.

"36 million web pages of pornography is a life-time porn -- and that's if the parents have a good filter. And its not just centerfolds we are talking about. The Internet is home to some of the darkest, most violent and most disturbing pornography available anywhere in the world, said Matthew Yarro, VP Marketing for the CP80 Foundation. "And to think that children, millions of children, have unlimited access to that kind of pornography boggles the mind.

"We know that pornography can be harmful to children. That's why we don't allow minors to access it in the real world -- why are we waiting to impose the same protective measures for children accessing pornography on the Internet."

The CP80 Internet Channel Initiative,, is working towards a solution that would protect children from Internet pornography. The solution would eliminate the need for parents to deploy client-side filtering software and create the same kind of protection for children on the Internet that exists in the real world.

About The CP80 Foundation

The CP80 Foundation is a non-profit 501 (C)(4) organization dedicated to creating a more responsible and manageable Internet. It is currently working on new legislation that would require all pornographic material on the Internet to use its own set of adult Internet channels (or ports). It also suggests the creation of private-cause-of-action laws that would allow citizens to sue pornographers who violated their rights.

More information about The CP80 Foundation and the Internet Channel Initiative can be found at

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