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Vital information on relationships helps couples and individuals navigate the ever-changing nature of marriage. Healthy families result from learning skills and techniques that support the marriage union. MarriageArticles.net has a wealth of information on subjects as diverse as wedding planning, creating a home, extended families, purchasing power and conflict resolution.

Marriage, a union that traces back to antiquity, is constantly evolving over time, and just in the last 30 years has seen a dramatic transformation in standards and expectations.

Supporting the quest for a good marriage, Boomers In Motion, LLC announced today the launch of its latest website, MarriageArticles.net. The website will provide vital information on marriage and relationships, which can present some of the most challenging times in anyone's life.

"Happy and healthy relationships take work from all involved parties," said MarriageArticles.net co-founder Karen Fusco, a systems consultant and mother of two. "Information is the key to understanding what it takes to be successful. MarriageArticles.net provides couples with wonderful information to help them through all stages of marriage, from the wedding itself to the growing family and its needs."

The needs of a marriage are plentiful and they have taken on a new dynamic in recent years. According to the 2004 "State of Our Unions" study published by Rutgers National Marriage Project, marriage has been catapulted into the public spotlight. Marriage-strengthening initiatives have taken place across the legislative landscape, both federal and local. Helping couples acquire the skills and abilities to maintain marriages that last long, are low in conflict and produce healthy families has gained more traction in recent years.

MarriageArticles.net plans to help keep that trend going in a positive direction with valuable articles on everything from wedding planning to financial planning, couples communication to conflict resolution, and baby care to blended families. It's a one-stop shop for marriage and relationship advice at MarriageArticles.net (http://www.marriagearticles.net).

"Marriage is not just a union between two people, but rather it includes so many aspects of society," said co-founder Pat Brill, a career coach and mother of two. "It encompasses purchasing power, relationships, schools, children, extended families and much more. But marriage is not easy, and it's important to note that, like many other things, knowledge is power and couples need to know the latest information for making a relationship successful."

The latest has indeed changed significantly from the 1970s, where a key finding in the Rutgers study is that Americans have become less likely to marry, and that the rate continues to decline. Some of this decline - it is not clear just how much - results from the delaying of first marriages until older ages: the median age at first marriage went from 20 for females and 23 for males in 1960 to about 25 and 27, respectively, in recent years. On the plus side, the study shows that of those who do marry, couples who consider their marriage to be "very happy" has "swung in a positive direction."

"I think the trend of declining marriage is based on people making wiser decisions and waiting until they're older and more mature," said Fusco. "But even when you're older, it's still necessary to have the right tools. Gathering information and knowledge about all facets of your marriage at MarriageArticles.net will help to sustain it and keep it growing in a positive direction."


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