Author's New Blog Column Salutes Oprah---Brings Key Info to The Secret and Insights into Everyday Lives

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Fern's blog columns ( demonstrate a commitment to helping raise the conscious awareness of individuals so they can empower themselves and realize their full human potential. Her column: "With a Tip of the Heart to Oprah -- Here's the... Rest of The Secret," is an excellent example.

The Heart Knows the Way.

Fern Stewart Welch, a veteran writer, former newspaper and magazine columnist, and author of "The Heart Knows the Way -- How to Follow Your Heart to a Conscious Connection with the Divine Spirit Within," is now sharing her insights, wit and wisdom with the cyber world and all of its denizens.

Her Blog site features such elucidating essays as: With a Tip of the Heart to Oprah--Here's theā€¦Rest of The Secret; The Great Gift in Listening; Something Worth Thinking About!; Cow Cloning for Food, Fun and Profit?; Fear as a Form of Crowd Control, and The Awesome Power and Tender Beauty of God in Nature.

The long-time Arizona resident says the Blog columns offer a way in which to share insights she has gained that may help others on the path to self-empowerment and to realizing more of their human potential.

She points out in With a Tip of the Heart to Oprah -- Here's the... Rest of The Secret that "While the basic information, now called The Secret, has been around since the dawn of recorded history, and many have achieved amazing goals and realized amazing lives by using it, many do not." She freely shares a critical part of the process that was not addressed on Oprah's recently aired program, along with other information that she lived and learned while writing her book "The Heart Knows the Way."

In Fear as a Form of Crowd Control, Fern brings out the fact that religion, politics and advertising have raised the manipulation of people to an art form, and identifies the basic fear that has allowed this to proliferate since Biblical days.

As someone who understands The Great Gift in Listening, she shares insight into the human potential in hearing and being heard, in knowing and being known, as well as the critical need to listen to and learn from nature instead of trying to subdue it.

In a seemingly lighthearted look at the "clear and present reality of cow cloning," Fern brings up serious questions about scientific discoveries and ponders whether just because we can do something that is enough justification to do it when looked at it in light of the A-bomb and the current international nuclear challenges.

As a contemplative and observer of people and nature, Fern's tender touch in The Awesome Power and Tender Beauty of God in Nature, opens us to the joy of being alive by connecting with nature.

In Something Worth Thinking About! she explores the differences in how people around the world access and use information. "Whether you are primarily a right or left brain thinker is pre-determined by geography, gender, the first language you speak and the core culture in which you are reared," she says. "This," she adds, "determines whether you first process information logically and rationally or whether your first reaction is emotional and sometimes irrational." which she links to the worldview held by many countries that America is a power-hungry bully.

About the Author:

Fern Stewart Welch began her writing career 35 years ago as a reporter, feature writer and columnist for newspapers in the Pacific Northwest. She went on to become a staff writer for First Interstate Bank of Oregon, public relations director for The Arizona Bank [now Bank of America], columnist and editorial director of PHOENIX Magazine, a freelance international travel correspondent for The Los Angeles Times, and founding president of a public relations firm.

Her first book "The Heart Knows the Way -- How to Follow Your Heart to a Conscious Connection with the Divine Spirit Within" is an incredibly intimate and uplifting account by the author of how she sought and found a better, more loving and enlightened approach to help her husband through his lengthy decline and death. The book is endorsed by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, M.D., the internationally known author and lecturer who was the world expert on death and dying, and bestselling authors Larry Dossey, M.D., C. Norman Shealy, Ph.D., M.D., and Stephen Levine.

She recently conceived, directed and served as executive editor on the book "Tea With Elisabeth," which is a collaborative portrait of the late international icon Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, M.D. -- by 51 bestselling authors, internationally known colleagues, family members and friends. Featured writers include: Muhammad Ali, Sarah Ferguson -- the Duchess of York, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Marianne Williamson, Caroline Myss, Doreen Virtue, Robert McCall, Stephen Levine, and Drs. Bernie Siegel, Gerald Jampolsky, C. Norman Shealy, Gladys T. McGarey, as well as -- Dame Cicely Saunders, M.D., Balfour Mount, M.D. and Florence Wald, who together with Dr. Kübler-Ross represent the founders of Hospice internationally.

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