Stem Cell Advances in Treating Alzheimer's and Multiple Sclerosis

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The use of pure cord blood stem cells by a team of research doctors in Mexico has resulted in breakthrough improvements in patients with Alzheimer's disease and progressive multiple sclerosis.

The International Spinal Cord Regeneration Center has been spearheading research and clinical use of pure cord blood stem cells since March 2003. Recently breakthrough developments were documented involving Alzheimer's disease and progressive multiple sclerosis.


A 72 year old female Alzheimer's patient from the U.S. (Mrs. M.) who had little short term memory ability by mid-summer 2006 experienced the recovery of this vital mental function in the months following a catheter infusion of purified cord blood stem cells in Mexico.

MRIs of the patient's brain during July 2006 showed that her brain had shrunken considerably, one of many markers that led her neurologists in Michigan to diagnosis her has having Alzheimer's disease. Her blood and all other vital organs were normal and showed no sign of disease.

On August 28, 2006 Mrs. M. received approximately 40 million pure cord blood stem cells by catheter infusion directly into her brain at the International Spinal Cord Regeneration Center in Tijuana Mexico (Fernando Ramirez, MD, Founder & Director). A team of doctors including an interventional radiologist, a anesthesiologist, and a surgeon performed the procedure which took approximately 30 minutes.

Within five weeks of having received the cells, Mrs M's husband was reporting improvements in her ability to form new memories and recall them hours and days later. This ability has persisted and even improved since Mrs. M's treatment almost 6 months ago.

Medical records and post-treatment tests showing Mrs. M's remarkable turnaround are being used to draft a formal paper for submission to a major peer-reviewed medical journal.

A 2nd treatment for Mrs. M. is being planned for the near future.

Multiple Sclerosis:

Jim Haverlock, 67, has struggled for thirteen years with progressive multiple sclerosis, an insidious neurologic disease which has steadily eroded his balance, energy and ability to speak clearly and walk without a cane.

During November 2006 Jim received an IV (intravenous) drip infusion of cord blood stem cells that had been genetically modified to express a growth factor called ciliary neurotrophic growth factor (CNGF). This particular growth factor has been shown to encourage remyelination of demyelinated nerves in animal models.

By early February Jim was reporting high levels of physical and mental energy, better balance and the ability to crisscross his house on foot without a cane (Something nearly impossible prior to the stem cell treatment).

Jim , who is very active in terms of helping out fellow MS sufferers and their families, welcomes queries by phone at 1-509-997-0204 (9 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time). Jim has posted a chronicle of his response to stem cell therapy online at

International Spinal Cord Regeneration Center (Tijuana, Mexico) founder and director, Fernando Ramirez, M.D. has done over 400 cord blood stem cell treatments during the past 4 years. A pilot study on the positive effects of cord blood stem cells on cerebral palsy in children during 2004 was published in the online biomedical journal, "Medical Research & Hypotheses" and is available for access by the public by going to

In addition, a 90 minute documentary concerning the International Spinal Cord Regeneration Center's cord blood stem cell program is available from the producer, Dr. Burton Goldberg A eight minute clip from this documentary can be seen free-of-charge by going to Dr. Goldberg's website.


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