Walrus' Classic Rock Album, "Uncovered," Now Indexed on Pandora.com

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The debut CD by the classic rock band Walrus has been catalogued by Pandora.com, an online streaming radio station powered by the Music Genome Project. Rock 'n' roll lovers can create a customized music stream on this music discovery service to hear songs from The Walrus CD, "Uncovered," and the music of other bands whose musical DNA is similar to The Walrus. Pandora.com has linked the Walrus musical DNA with that of Barenaked Ladies and Tim Reid.

Uncovered, the debut CD by The Walrus, one of the Pacific Northwest's favorite classic rock bands, has been indexed by Pandora.com, an online streaming radio station powered by the Music Genome Project.

Music lovers can now create a customized music stream, or personal radio station, on Pandora's music discovery service to hear songs by The Walrus (http://301url.com/pandora-walrus) and by bands that sound like The Walrus.

"Uncovered" is the Walrus' album of 11 original songs in the classic rock style. The CD (http://www.tusktusk.com/uncovered/) features rock, pop and folk vocal arrangements and harmonies reminiscent of the Beatles, Crosby Stills Nash & Young and other classic rock bands from the 1960s and 1970s. The songs on the CD include "The Garden," inspired by the 1992 New Age novel, "Ishmael," and employing CSN&Y-style harmonies; the deliciously vampy "Tongue in Cheek;" and the psychedelic-sounding "Gaia."

"Pandora is a great way for people to easily find new music in the style and genre that they like, and we are honored to have the Walrus' musical DNA analyzed and indexed by Pandora," said Chuck Dingée, a Walrus vocalist and guitarist who has played Beatles-style classic rock since he saw the Beatles in Chicago in 1966.

Pandora uses the Music Genome Project, which analyzes chord structures, instrumentation and other aspects of music, to catalogue songs according to musical DNA. Pandora's music discovery service helps listeners enjoy music they already know and -- based on the "DNA" analysis of preferred music choices -- discover new music that they are likely to equally enjoy. Users simply identify a favorite song or musical artist, and Pandora launches a streaming radio station of music sharing common DNA.

Pandora offers both a free, ad-supported service and a paid subscription service. Both services allow users to create up to 100 personal radio stations.

Dingee notes that Pandora.com has categorized his "Starcharter" with music by Barenaked Ladies and Tim Reid.

Entertainment News NW and other publications have already taken note of the immediately recognizable rock 'n' roll tunes on the Walrus CD, even though they are all original songs. "The songwriting is solid. … Clean, in-tune harmonies combine here with catchy melodies, a solid rhythmic base and some tasteful lead work to produce a collection of tunes with a familiar feel," Entertainment News NW's Roger Mills said.

Two songs on "Uncovered" are directly inspired by the Beatles, the Walrus' favorite band to cover. "Abbey Road" describes the ups and downs of rock stardom, and "Hold Your Hand" is a 92-second dance number with crisp harmonies.

"We'd like to think that many of the songs on our new CD, and these in particular, share abundant musical DNA with the Beatles," Dingee said.

Of the 11 new songs on "Uncovered," seven were written by vocalist/guitarist Joe Young, a prolific songwriter who has played in numerous bands in the Midwest and the Northwest. Two songs were written by lead vocalist and keyboardist Jamie Shea, who has lived and gigged from Los Angeles to Seattle to Vancouver, BC., and two were written by Dingée who has entertained audiences from Florida to Philadelphia and Chicago to the Pacific Northwest. Drummer Michael O'Neal and bass guitarist Walt Burkett provide the backbeat and also sing on the new CD.

In addition to being catalogued on Pandora.com (http://301url.com/pandora-walrus), the Walrus' new classic rock CD is available for purchase on iTunes, CDBaby; the Independent Artists Company; iSound.com; Bitmunk, Rhapsody, Napster, Amazon.com and at many music stores in the Pacific Northwest.

About the Walrus and "Uncovered:"
For the last 11 years, the Walrus' five seasoned musicians have energized audiences of all ages with rich vocal harmonies and sizzling musical arrangements on classic rock cover tunes. Now these Rockin' Sea Mammals are delighting rock 'n' roll fans with 11 new classic rock songs on their debut CD, appropriately titled "Uncovered." The music on "Uncovered" conveys an ageless popularity with electric, acoustic and pedal-steel guitar licks and both male and female lead vocals. Each of the 11 new classic rock songs is so different that the album has been likened to a "Greatest Hits" collection.

For more information about the Walrus and the CD of original classic rock music, go to http://www.tusktusk.com/uncovered or http://www.MySpace.com/iwalrus.

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