1StepSystemSalesCenter Launches Could Effect Network Marketing & MLM Industry Forever

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The 1StepSystem moves forward via David Track, who applies his own novel approach to using this proven online marketing system. David is the owner and creator of the 1StepSystemSalesCenter, which is a call center for the "1StepSystem" that is available to new and existing members, as well as Home Based Business seekers. The sales center creates a completely Automated Sales System, providing Live Sales individuals who follow-up and close sales for members, which bumps the original 1StepSystem into full gear, giving members a true "Hands-Free" approach to online marketing.

I believe I have created a solution that will truly take the 1StepSystem to a whole new level.

After only one year and two months in business with over 30,000 members worldwide, the 1StepSystem has reached a whole new level. With the introduction of the 1StepSystemSalesCenter, the face of Network Marketing has been changed forever.

Founded by David Track, who has held the position as Top Earner for the 1StepSystem every month since he joined on 1/28/06, the 1StepSystem Sales Center helps level the playing field for all internet marketers. "As amazing as the 1StepSystem is," David Track states, "I believe I have created a solution that will truly take the 1StepSystem to a whole new level." This victory has come about as a result of much hard work. As Track recounts, "Once my story of success spread within the company, other members suddenly began seeking advice from me on how to grow their own businesses. They would ask me to explain to them, specifically, what it was that I was doing in order to become so successful. So, I told them I support my 1StepSystem downline by holding weekly conference calls, running my own exclusive forum, creating Google banner ad rotation campaigns, performing one-on-one training, etc. I became exhausted from constantly repeating myself, only to be bombarded with more questions. I kept asking myself, why can't everyone duplicate my efforts? I knew there had to be a better solution for those seeking success in a marketing business."

Track understands that most people join a home-based business to earn residual income so that they can work for themselves, spend quality time with their family, vacation whenever they desire, retire comfortably, and never worry about money again. However, most people don't know how to market. And even if they do, they either don't know how to sell or don't like to. Then, they get involved in an opportunity that looks exciting and easy to do, only to burn out quickly and watch only a few succeed. Shortly after coming to this realization, he identified the three most basic needs of every business that exist today:

1. Generating leads.

2. Following up on leads.

3. Closing the sale.

Track remembers, "Like a bolt of lightning, it hit me in the summer of 2006! What if I had a call center staffed with professionally-trained Sales Closers who worked around the clock (24 hours a day and 7 days a week) to close all of the sales for the 1StepSystem members? And, what if I had a toll free and international number with which the members could advertise, and Professional Closers could handle all the inbound and outbound sales calls for the members? How about customized Lead Capture Pages where the members can also promote other opportunities if they wish? Why stop there? I could provide a BackOffice where members can read follow-up notes from Professional Closers, a quality resource from which members can purchase custom leads, a program to provide ongoing training, and even a system to give members the ability to follow up on their own if they wish. I then realized that I finally had the answer that so many others and I had been looking for. I had just created the most Advanced Automated Marketing System Ever!"

After almost 9 months of development, he recently launched the 1StepSystemSalesCenter.com. The Sales Center is staffed 24/7 with a team of personally-trained Professional Closers from all over the world to help members close their 1StepSystem Sales. Members can advertise a toll-free phone number, drive traffic to customized landing pages, and relax knowing that the PCs are capturing prospects' names, email addresses, phone numbers, and following up. The customized BackOffice offers carefully selected and integrated Lead Vendors from which to purchase leads--another feature that has scored big points with members.

With the Live Chat feature, the Sales and Support Staff are able to see, in real time, those on the site and what pages they're clicking through. All visitor information, including city, state, chat history, connection type, IP address, history of visits to the site, and much more is accessible with the touch of a button. They're even able to track visitors who exhibit buying behavior, and proactively invite members' prospects to chat if they see signs that they're about to abandon the site.

Barely able to contain himself, Track exclaims, "This is truly a unique Automated System! And with our Platinum program, I'll even personally drive the traffic for you myself-- this is what I do best!"

He goes on to say, "I finally came up with a system that I am confident will help ANYONE who truly wishes to succeed in an online business." David explains, "All businesses have very basic needs. These needs are universal. Being a businessperson myself, I found that very few, if any, companies offered a real solution to the three basic needs of all businesses (to generate leads, follow up, and then close cleanly and quickly.) I, therefore, created my own sales center for use with my current program at: http://www.1StepSystemSalesCenter.com ."

David elaborates, "Closing the sale takes expertise, an expertise that many business people unfortunately don't have. Closing the sale is an art, actually, and I have amassed a group of sales people who possess this very skill and can now offer it to all the 1StepSystem members, increasing their chances of success."

His Sales Center is the result of much research into the needs of businesspeople within this program and business in general. The Sales Center not only closes the sale, but it also addresses other age-old sales problems such as effectively tracking sales, automation of follow-up, gauging buying behaviors, and of course, keeping visitors on a Web site before they "bail out." This prevention of "bail out" is a huge advantage with David's sales center, as there is a chat feature with an alert that allows support staff or the site owners themselves to initiate chat with visitors once "symptoms of bail out" start appearing. Preventing potential customers from leaving a site before purchase is and always has been another significant task when dealing with online sales, and David has solved this problem also.

All of the personally-trained Professional Closers on staff are successful internet marketers and have been coaches in businesses such as PAS (Prosperity Automated System), Prosperity International (P.I.), Jaguar Marketing System (Predator Marketing System), Emerald Passport (E.P.I.), Profit Masters, Eventis, Mentors On A Mission, Coastal Vacations, Liberty League International, Advantage Conferences, ITV Ventures, Automated Sales System, G.A.P. (Global Abundance Program), International Galleries and Success University to mention a few.

The 1StepSystem was Co-Founded by Rod Stinson (rated Top 20 Network Marketers in the world) & Chris Koehl (created online systems for companies like Xango, SeaSilver, Mannatech to name a few) on January 14, 2006. In only 1 year of existence, the 1 Step System has helped many to earn a very comfortable living. In fact, they've helped David Track to earn into the 6 figures in only 1 year. 1Step System products are all digital and downloadable with audios, videos, PDFs, and much more. These resources can help anybody marketing online or offline, whether marketing the 1StepSystem or any other business, become a better marketer. To find out more about the 1StepSystem and their revolutionary products, signup for the Free 37 Minute Teleseminar, or contact one of our Sales Center Agents for more details.

For more information on David and his remarkable new approach to closing the sale and preventing "sales bail out," please feel free to visit: the 1StepSystemSalesCenter. Professional Closers are standing by to answer your questions and help close your sales. Closing the sale and "sales bail out" can easily be a thing of the past if businesspeople avail themselves to David's revolutionary approaches.

As part of our launch, we'd like to extend a Promotional Discount to the first 200 Members who join... 50% Off Of The Activation Fee and 5% Off Of The Annual Fee. Upon checkout of the 1StepSystemSalesCenter, please enter Discount Coupon Code: SuperbowlXLI

If you are not currently a member of the 1StepSystem, go to http://1StepSystemSalesCenter.com/platinumtraffic.html, and you will land on one of our Platinum Members' rotated sites. You may even request an Instant Call Back and be connected Live with a Professional Closer in Real Time. You will then be automatically taken to the member's 1StepSystem website.

If you are currently a 1 Step System member, simply visit http://www.1StepSystemSalesCenter.com. Professional Closers are standing by to help.

And speaking of the Professional Closers... at the rate we're growing, we're always interested in bringing on quality Sales Closers. If you think you have what it takes, go to our Employment section, and drop us a line.


1-877-THE-1STEP (Toll-free within the U.S.)


1-302-295-2144     (Outside the U.S.)


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