Dame Helen Mirren is Liv'n Out Loud

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Best Actress Academy Award Winner Orders 6 Lifestyle Tees From the "Inspirational and Empowering" Liv'n Out Loud! Clothing Company

On Thursday, April 3, 2007 at exactly 4:26pm, Dame Helen Mirren, the Best Actress Academy Award Winner for her role in 'The Queen', called Liv'n Out Loud! Clothing Company headquarters in Hampstead, NH from her home in England after she received one of their Lifestyle Tees in the Celebrity Gift Bag at the Academy Awards. The call, which lasted 10 minutes, would change this nearly 2 year old company forever.

"Hello, this is Helen Mirren, and I received one of your lovely T-shirts in my gift bag at the Oscars", she said. "I love the quality of your clothing; the cotton is so soft yet so strong. I would like to order 6 more of these Tees please".

Cleary having spent some time reviewing the Liv'n Out Loud! website, Ms. Mirren knew precisely which Tees she and her Oscar-Winning Director husband, Taylor Hackford wanted:

Helen Mirren's Selections:    
Never Settle                

Taylor Hackford Selections:            
I'd rather be disliked for who I am, than loved for who I'm not
Defy Mediocrity
Bring it On

Because Liv'n Out Loud! was invited to participate in the Celebrity Gifting Program at the Academy Awards, they enclosed a wildly popular Lifestyle Tee, along with a Gift Certificate, in an effort to increase the chances of further communication with each star. "We put the Gift Certificate in each bag as a strategic move", said Alyson Bruu, Co-founder of Liv'n Out Loud! Clothing Company. "As much as we hoped, we never truly expected anyone to give us a call and redeem that Gift Certificate".

"It's funny", said Kristine Fichera, Co-founder of the company. "Every time the Liv'n Out Loud! phone rings, Alyson yells out from her office across the hall, 'Hello Oprah!' because we just know in our heart and soul that one of these days Oprah will be calling us. It's our way of stimulating the 'Laws of Attraction'. So when I saw on the Caller ID that it was an "Unknown" number I just had this strange feeling that it was going to be a very meaningful phone call. Then I heard that distinctive, unmistakable English voice of Helen Mirren and my heart skipped a beat! I took a deep breath, collected myself, and proceeded with welcoming her to the Liv'n Out Loud! family. I answered her questions, took her 6-Tee order and thanked her for the call".

After the cool, calm and collected phone call, Kristine and Alyson started screaming, high-fiving and popped open a bottle of Moet and Chandon Champagne, toasting to the extremely rarified opportunities that continue to present themselves to this young and rapidly growing inspirational and empowering clothing company.

To date, Liv'n Out Loud! Clothing has been invited to participate in the Celebrity Gifting Programs at the Sundance Film Festival, The Academy Awards, The Cannes Film Festival - and just last week they were invited to participate in the MTV Music Awards.

So why is Liv'n Out Loud! being honored on so many profound levels? Why are these exceptional once in a lifetime opportunities landing on their doorstep? When Liv'n Out Loud! asked the Gifting Companies why they sought out Liv'n Out Loud! to participate in their Celebrity Gifting Programs, the answers had the same central theme: "Because with all the negativity in this world today, your brand is uplifting, inspirational and empowering. We need more of this messaging, and if we can help get the word out so that folks around the world can live more positive, evolved lives through Liv'n Out Loud! clothing, we are happy to do so".

About Liv'n Out Loud!

Liv'n Out Loud! Clothing Company, based in Hampstead, NH, makes Clothes for the Soul; clothing that embodies the human spirit. 100% cotton "comfort-stuffs" in over 30 sun-washed tones that convey a full range of evocative quotes, inspirational sayings, encouraging messages, and motivating thoughts. A vital new brand designed to uplift, inspire and empower.

The Logo and Lifestyle Series include Relaxed and Slim Fit Short and Long Sleeve Tees,    V-neck Short Sleeve Tees, Cap-Sleeve Tees, Tank Tops, Ringer Tees, Hoodie, Boxy and Full Zip Sweatshirts, Baseball Hats, Tote Bags, Tire Covers, Mugs and more. http://www.livnoutloud.com/livnoutloud_tees_dept_lifestyle.php

The latest Tee, designed and launched in early January, speaks to women who are battling and surviving cancer. It says, "Hey Cancer…You Picked the Wrong Broad" and is available in a variety of styles and colors. This Tee has quickly become the biggest and fastest selling item in the history of the company. It will be available in several Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Race Boutiques around the country, Cancer Gift Centers and is available in several Boston Hospitals.

Liv'n Out Loud! was born following a near-death experience by Alyson Bruu, Co-Founder of the company. To read the inspirational back-story and more interesting information about Liv'n Out Loud! visit this page and click the "To learn more about LOL" button at the bottom of the page. http://www.livnoutloud.com/livn_out_loud_about.html

Customers can purchase the company's merchandise online at http://www.livnoutloud.com or by phone at 603-329-9599.

Liv'n Out Loud! products are also available in select retail stores in the United States.

Liv'n Out Loud! believes in giving back. As such, a percentage of quarterly sales are donated to the ASPCA, the American Cancer Society or The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure - depending upon the items sold.

Liv'n Out Loud! Clothes for the Soul…


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