Mount Carmel Youth Ranch, Leading Wilderness Program Provider, Offers Parents 5 Tips to Dealing with a Troubled Teen

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Mount Carmel Youth Ranch helps parents communicate with and structure daily life for troubled teens. -- Mount Carmel Youth Ranch, the leading provider of programs dedicated to troubled teens, is helping parents learn how to effectively establish a strong family environment to help their children.

According to Mount Carmel Youth Ranch, the following are signs that indicate your child may be crossing the line from unruly teenager to troubled teen:
--No longer obeys requests, including discipline
--Failing academically

"After determining that your teen has indeed crossed a line and is causing undue stress to the family dynamic, there are changes any parents can implement to get their child back on track," said Gerald Schneider, Founder and President at Mount Carmel Youth Ranch.

Parents can help prevent and correct a teen's self-destructive behavior by ensuring all of the following are part of every day life:

1. Time with Family -- It seems easy, but families today are pulled in all directions. The most important thing you can do as a parent is to spend quality time with your child and engage in activities with your troubled teens. The family must be the center of their life. Part of a positive family dynamic is learning to be a good listener.

2. A United Front -- Parents have to find their own inner strength and be a strong parental team. A teenager will find any weakness in your parenting skills and use it to his/her advantage to get what they want. Do not allow them to play one parent against the other.

3. Rules Are Not for Breaking -- There should be set rules in all households. If your teen won't follow the rules, make sure you follow through with the consequences every time or you will be the one to pay.

4. Information is Key -- You must be vigilant in knowing who your teen's friends are and where they go to hang out. Make sure you arm yourself with all the necessary information you need to keep them safe.

5. Consistency, Consistency -- Consistency is one of the most powerful tools a parent has. Be careful to not let your troubled teen manipulate you to get what they want. If you say 'No', then follow through and do not waiver.

If you need immediate assistance for your troubled teen, please call Mount Carmel Youth Ranch and Wilderness Interventions Boys Ranch admissions office at (307) 645-3322 or send us an email at admissions @

About Mount Carmel Youth Ranch
Mount Carmel Youth Ranch is a non-profit organization that uses real life experiences on a ranch to dignify and increase the self-esteem of troubled youths. Our Behavior Modification Therapy is done with a Christian focus to help mend the troubled youth's relationships with family as well as building a moral conscience within the boy. This is accomplished by educating the mind, strengthening the body, and elevating the spirit.

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