A Multidimensional Journey with Gay Gurus Brewer & Berg to the ReelHeART International Film Festival

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The Canadian premiere of the film documentary, Out & About with Brewer & Berg - A Multidimensional Travelogue" to be celebrated at the 3rd annual ReelHeART International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada, June 18 - 23, 2007.

The voices of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons are often lacking in discussions of spirituality, religion and faith. While in recent years a new level of visibility has been achieved in many places, gay people remain excluded from most organized religions, if not outright condemned and even persecuted. The film documentary "Out & About with Brewer & Berg" follows two gay men on an odyssey to confront established religion and reclaim their spiritual identities.

"Out & About with Brewer & Berg" follows the multidimensional quest of Michael Brewer and Thomas Alan Berg through Switzerland and Italy as they explore and debunk old myths, paradigms and prejudices all the way to the gates of Vatican, where they discover and proclaim their own unique spiritual identities as gay men.

With the ongoing global debate on the roles of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in all aspects of society, from marriage, employment rights, education, politics and religion, there is a growing awareness of the unique contribution made by this ubiquitous yet underreported and misrepresented group of people. Gay people everywhere are seeking greater rights, more recognition and claiming their places in society, even at the risk of their lives. And like people everywhere, are seeking answers to questions that are universal in nature.

The catharsis of travel leads to captivating and entertaining dialogue in "Out & About with Brewer & Berg" on subjects ranging from Jungian psychology, archetypes and mythology, through medieval castles and war, the sculpture and art of Rome, to epiphanies in the Forum and Coliseum. They discuss art and creativity at Niki de St. Phalle's sculpture garden in Tuscany and hold insightful conversations in Pisa all culminating is visions of a new paradigm on top of the Duomo in Florence. The humor of Brewer & Berg, the film's entertaining graphics and quotes and powerful music track all underscore their often pointed and thought-provoking commentary.

Winner of the Audience Choice Award at the Aloha Spirit Film Festival at its premiere in Hawaii in September 2006, this joint Swiss/American production shows a side of gay culture rarely seen on film. Deep thinking, challenging, humorous and cultured, Brewer & Berg take their viewers on a multidimensional journey over the rainbow into a new sense of self-worth and potential. It's an uplifting and encouraging view from an unexpected, fresh point of view; evocative for everyone whatever their sexual orientation.

ReelHeART International Film Festival
Often called the "filmmaker's festival", the ReelHeART International Film Festival has successfully filled the void left in the wake of increasingly narrow-themed and niche-centric film festivals. "This is a truly open and varied film festival," says Shannonn Kelly, director of RHIFF. "Our niche is there is no niche." Out & About with Brewer & Berg - A Multidimensional Travelogue will celebrate its Canadian premiere as part of the RHIFF Venue Program at Southern Accent Restaurant, 8:00 pm on Friday, June 22, 2007. Canapés, popcorn, lounge seating and travels to another dimension with Brewer & Berg all promise an evening not soon to be forgotten.

Interested journalists are invited to attend as the director's guest. Seating is limited, so please send us an e-mail to reserve a seat. The film's director, Michael Brewer, will be at the film festival. Interviews can arranged. Film stills and clips, and review copies on DVD can be requested per e-mail to: info@brewberg.com. Trailers and further information at: http://www.brewberg.com

Remo Doehr, Publicist - Out & About with Brewer & Berg
Word+Image, Switzerland

What the media is saying about
Out & About with Brewer and Berg - A Multidimensional Travelogue

Shameless Plug
Out & About with Brewer & Berg, Episode One: Search for a new mythology:

"We really are everywhere: Finding homoeroticism in the Vatican is not that difficult. However, it takes two very skillfulexplorers to uncover same-sex celebratory sarcophagi in the otherwise gruesome Hall of Death. They call it a "close encounter of the archetypal kind."
"Both Brewer and Berg were inspired back in the late '80s by Campbell's interviews with Bill Moyers (PBS's "The Power of Myth") in which he presented that kind of all-inclusive, Jungian vision of human religious consciousness. From Campbell, they learned that the spiritual life is a "hero's journey," and so one of the ways of experiencing it, investigating it, and communicating it is through the journey."

Drew Rowsome - Fab Magazine

"This is a wonderfulcontribution to the discussion of gay spirituality, a new medium for conveying important and needed insights, likely to reach people the printed word no longer reaches. Out & About with Brewer & Berg is a philosophical travelogue of Europe with two zany guys in an amazing documentary of their vision quest in search of a new mythology that includes gay and lesbian consciousness. This is a delightful adventure, innovatively filmed (with European sights I'd never seen before) with lots of Joseph Campbell's appealing wisdom. I totally concur with the provocative worldview Brewer & Berg proclaim."

Toby Johnson - White Crane Journal, Author of "Gay Perspective, Gay Spirituality"

"I was dumbfounded. I have never seen a "travelogue" like this. It's at once hilarious and quite spiritual, leaving you emotionally and physically drained. These guys are highly educated and splendidly witty. They possess a very powerful means of getting the essence of their message across: they seem to reach out and hug their audience, sharing the love they possess for gay spirituality and life in general. I'd love to know these men and just hang out around them, absorbing all that positive, loving energy."

Pat Colley, Editor - Chiron Rising

"Brewer and Berg are part of a new and still very rare breed of gay men - those who have taken the lesson and experience of coming out (essentially we might say learning to think for and trust oneself) and expanded that core of liberation into other areas of their lives… especially the spiritual. They turn around what has become almost a modern archetype - gay people who, rejected and abused by religion, choose to turn their backs on spiritual affairs."

Marco Lovestar - Queer Love Call

This outrageously funny film is a bold and courageous look at what is no longer valid in our 'organizing myths'... while entertaining the forbidden possibility of declaring one's own divinity in a society gone mad with materialism. Hats off to these new warriors of bliss!"

Pila Chiles - author of "The Secrets & Mysteries of Hawaii - A Call to the Soul"

A fun and provocative travelogue through mythical landscapes!"
Rik Isensee, LCSW - author of "Reclaiming Your Life"

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Out & About with Brewer and Berg - A Multidimensional Travelogue

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Nine-minute trailer:         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThJ77ADMFMI
One-minute trailer:         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JfGyGyv1j4
Brewer & Berg interview:     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cY9gwHWPvo
More clips at:             http://www.brewberg.com


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