How to Sell One Billion Dollars Worth of Anything

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America's original home shopping host reveals sales secrets for financial gain and personal peace.

After successfully selling 75,000 different products on live television and generating over one billion dollars in personal product sales, America's first ever home shopping host Bob Circosta clearly knows how to sell. But ironically, Circosta insists that "selling" is something he hates to do.

"In today's culture, 'selling' implies that you're doing something to someone," Circosta explained. "I have a problem with that, because to me, a good salesman isn't doing something to someone - he's doing something for someone. When a consumer values your product or service more than he values other similarly-priced options, you've transformed 'selling' from an adversarial confrontation into a mutually-advantageous agreement. In this sense, 'selling' can better be defined as free people trading freely. And what most people fail to realize is that the act of selling an idea to a family member is exactly the same as selling a product to a customer! Unfortunately, 'selling' is a skill that most people haven't developed - but it's a skill that anyone can master."

Bob Circosta's company, Bob Circosta Communications, Inc., trains corporations, entrepreneurs, and even celebrities for sales - including such luminaries as Ed McMahon, Susanne Somers, Vanna White, Priscilla Presley, Farrah Fawcett, and many more. Here are "The Billion Dollar Man" Bob Circosta's top four sales tips for the rest of us:

1.    Solve a problem: "Selling must directly satisfy an identifiable need of the buyer, " said Circosta. "It needs to improve the buyer's life, so a salesman must be able to clearly articulate the problem his product or service is solving. I like to tell salespeople, 'If you don't honestly understand the other person's problem… then you are the one with the problem!'"

2.    View the situation from the other person's perspective: "A major mistake of salespeople, husbands, wives, and colleagues is that we automatically assume that our goals and priorities are the same as everyone else's. Until you truly appreciate what the other person believes and values, you'll fail to communicate effectively. When it comes to our dreams, fears, and objectives, all of us have different default settings. Don't assume that your default setting is the same as the other person's."

3.    Sell the benefit, not the product: "A fitness company like Soloflex doesn't really sell workout equipment; they sell healthier, sexier bodies. Victoria's Secret doesn't really sell lingerie; they sell romance, love, and intimacy. Focus your sales pitch on the final destination - not the nuances of the journey. In other words, don't sell the sizzle and don't sell the steak; sell the desired benefit."

4.    Make sure the other person gets a better deal than you do: "A salesman might keep a commission, but the consumer keeps the product - and it's absolutely critical for the consumer to value the product more than the salesman values his commission. Here's another way to look at it: When a wife wants to 'sell' her husband on the idea of taking her out for dinner on a Friday night instead of playing poker with his buddies, she shouldn't accentuate her own benefit or rely on guilt; she should focus on what a great deal her husband will receive at the restaurant - with a delicious meal, a romantic experience, and the utmost appreciation of his adoring wife. You see, 'selling' isn't always about the physical act of selling; it's about succeeding in life."

For interview requests with Bob Circosta or sales consultations, please contact Scott Pinsker at 727.572.8855.

About Bob Circosta Communications, Inc.: World leaders in home shopping, electronic retailing, product development, business management, image refinement, corporate consulting, on-air tutoring, and marketing, Bob Circosta Communications, Inc. ( has successfully trained Emmy Award winners, Grammy Award winners, supermodels and A-list Hollywood actors for multimedia and traditional sales . Founder and president "The Billion Dollar Man" Bob Circosta is an undeniable legend in the electronic retailing industry; as television's first ever home shopping host, he has personally sold on-air over 75,000 different products, netted over 20,000 hours of live TV time, and achieved personal product sales in excess of one billion dollars. Through his groundbreaking seminar "The Channels of Success," Circosta has taught thousands of people his time-tested secrets for transforming fledgling ideas into life-changing wealth, and in the business world, Circosta has become one of America's most sought-after sales consultants. For information on how Bob Circosta Communications, Inc. can help you achieve your greatest dreams, please contact the company headquarters at 727.572.8855.


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