Prescription Drug Addiction Detox Can Be Safe and More Comfortable

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Novus Medical Detox Opens the Door to Ending Prescription Drug Addiction and Abuse

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Prescription drug addiction, abuse and dependency have reached near epidemic proportions. Abuse of prescription drugs is now second only to marijuana, and greater than all illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine, says the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Abuse of these drugs can lead to serious medical problems, overdose, and even death. The pain of withdrawal often acts as a deterrent to those who want to get off the drugs, but the gradual withdrawal techniques used at Novus Medical Detox Centers now offer a safer and more comfortable solution to those who suffer from prescription drug addiction.

According to the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), a public health surveillance system that monitors drug-related hospital emergency department visits and deaths, nearly 1.5 million ER visits in 2005 were drug related and, of those, nearly one-third involved over-the-counter or prescription drug addiction or abuse.

Novus Medical Detox provides a medically-supervised residential facility that allows someone to withdraw safely and more comfortably so they can begin their journey to a life free of prescription drug addiction or dependency.

Many people are shocked to find out that one can get addicted to a drug prescribed to them by their doctor. Nevertheless, that is often how prescription drug addiction, abuse, and dependency begin.

"A significant number of our patients arrive with an addiction problem that stems from a prescription drug that was not bought on the street or in a dark alley - it was prescribed by their doctor to treat pain, anxiety, sleep disorders or obesity," said Hayes. "Our patients became physically dependent on or addicted to these drugs and continued to obtain and use them long after their original prescriptions expired. Some just kept going from one doctor to another to get new prescriptions, and others found that prescription drugs, or illegal drugs in the same class, were available for easy purchase from illicit sources," says Steve Hayes, Director of Novus Medical Detox Centers.

Testimonials are already pouring in from clients who have successfully detoxed at Novus and are on their way to freedom from prescription drug addiction. "I realized that I was not alone in having a problem, and the embarrassment I felt in coming here was immediately dissipated by the staff. I am leaving with a high degree of confidence that I just did not detox but made a significant and lasting life-changing behavior modification. Hopefully, my children would never need Novus but, if they did, I would have complete trust and confidence about sending them here."

For more information about Novus Medical Detox Centers and how they can help with prescription drug addiction and dependency, contact Steve Hayes at 1-727-213-2007 or visit their website


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