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Kimbo Slice sits down with for an interview discussing his victory over Ray Mercer, his plans for the future and his dream of fighting Mike Tyson.

Kimbo Slice, the underground internet street fighter turned professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter sat down with for an interview after his debut match-up against former heavyweight boxing champion Ray Mercer. The fight took place at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ this past Saturday night and was organized by Cage Fury Fighting Championship, a promotional outfit ran by Felix Martinez of New Jersey.

In an interesting match-up, between Slice, who had attracted a huge following online and Ray Mercer the former heavyweight champ who had faced Lennox Lewis, Evander Holyfield, Larry Holmes, Tommy Morrisson and Wladamir Klitschko, fans knew this would be a test for both legends. Mercer in the ring and Kimbo on the streets.

With no professional experience, Kimbo promised to prepare for his debut in the cage. Recruiting Bas Rutten, a well known MMA trainer and former UFC Champion to lead his training, Kimbo came into the ring weighing 239.5lbs, a weight much lower than he himself had anticipated, Kimbo was able to end the fight with about a minute, putting Mercer in the much feared guillotine choke after a barrage of elbow, muay thai knees and combination punches.

Many expected Kimbo to stand and go blow-to-blow with Mercer but Kimbo impressed even the most critical of viewers with his ring savvy. Not only did Kimbo win, but he did so quickly with decisive combination punches and martial arts moves. It took Slice only 1 minute and 10 seconds to dispose of Mercer.

Kimbo's next fight is against MMA legend Tank Abbott in September. Check out Kimbo's interview with where he discusses his experience and tells us who is dream fight would be against.

Kimbo, thank you for taking the time once again to sit down for this interview with us. Now that your first professional MMA fight is under your belt, tell me what was it like?
Oh man, it was a good experience. I can finally take all the load off and really relax now.

Were you surprised by anything?
No because at the last minute, I zoned everything out and stayed focus on what I had to do.

It took you only 1 minute and 10 seconds to get Ray Mercer to tap out, were you surprised the fight ended so quickly?
Yeah, it did end quickly. After all the talking he was doing. It was an MMA fight, I was training for it.

Your past fights that we've seen online weren't even close to the size and magnitude of your fight on Saturday night. What were some of the main differences?
Looking at everything, I was training for an MMA fight and for everything that might happen. When in the street fights, I wasn't really training for a street fight. In this fight, I trained to do everything I did.

We heard a lot about how hard you trained and prepared. How did you feel through training, have you ever been through such a rigorous training program?
I have never trained as hard and training has never been as intense as what I've been through in the last couple of months.

Clearly you were focused as you entered the cage. What was going through your mind?
Everything. Preparing myself to take a punch. Preparing myself for something that I may not have been prepared for. But we were ready, and we had prepared for everything.

Did you come in with a game plan or were just focused on winning?
Yeah yeah, I had a game plan. My game plan was not to get knocked-out.

You surprised a lot of people with the Muay thai knees and then the guillotine choke. Was that something you trained for and planned to use?
I surprised myself with those. That makes another person to add to the long line of people who were surprised. So was I.

Mercer was obviously upset after the fight. Have you had any contact with him since you made him tap out?
I would not talk to Mercer. Every that knows me and knows me well, whether they know me as Kimbo, Ferg or Kevin, knows that I'm a very respectable dude. I'll fight you, and I'll have respect at the end. If you win I have respect, if I win I expect respect, Ray Mercer, man, I don't want to mention this guys name anymore. He gets no respect from me. He was not professional and he showed poor sportsmanship. He disgusts me, with the way he acted at the end. Excuse my French but, to hell with him.

Kimbo, you told us in March that this would not be a one time thing for you. Tank Abbott has been named as being your next opponent in September. He is a legend in the MMA world. Talk a little about about Tank Abbot and what you know of him.
I only know what the tv shows, he's a good thumper.

In your Dream Match, who would you like to fight?
It has and always will be Mike Tyson. He brought me into this. Being as young as I was seeing a young guy like him at the age of 18, youngest ever in the world, was motivation for me. It has always been a dream for me to fight him. If it never happens, that is one dude I will always have a lot of respect for. For the simple fact that I saw him do it at 18, and thats what got me started. Much respect to Mike.

There has been some speculation that you will be featured on a new Television show on BET called The Iron Ring. Any truth to those rumors?
I don't know, I never head about it.

How you have changed personally since you decided to go professional?
I changed in a lot of ways, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. I changed a lot. It made my life a lot better. I've changed in a positive way. All for the better.

Shoutout to your fans online who help start this whole Kimbo frenzy?
I want to thank all the people on the internet for all the support, all my fans all my friends. Everybody on the net. Thank you and keep supporting me as a fighter.

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