Function of Personal Orbs Discovered and Discussed in Dr. F. Lee Aeilts New Book -- "COSMIC MECHANICS: How We Create Reality With Quantum Waves"

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Dr. F. Lee Aeilts discovered the purpose and function of the pesky little gossamer orbs that graffiti digital images of people. These diabolical orbs follow people from lifetime to lifetime doing insidious harm. The evidence can be found in Dr. Aeilts' new book, COSMIC MECHANICS: How We Create Reality With Quantum Waves. An orb is a stealthy quantum mechanical demon. For health and sanity, people must get rid of them. Dr. Aeilts' quantum mechanical discoveries reveal where personal orbs come from and how they work as mind control devices. He shows how to photograph a fascinating world of unseen beings flying in the air around people, watching and manipulating their reality.

Dr. F. Lee Aeilts released his discoveries about the 200 trillion year old orbs that people carry with them from lifetime to lifetime. The evidence of the existence of these 21 gram insidious wireless quantum computers can be found in Dr. Aeilts' new book, COSMIC MECHANICS: How We Create Reality With Quantum Waves. He discovered the purpose and function of these pesky little gossamer orbs that graffiti digital images of people.These are not out-of-focus rain, snow or dust orbs. These diabolical orbs are the root cause of evil in the world and man's inhumanity to man. They make humans anti-social, incompetent, dull, fearful, sick and robotic.

This knowledge is so counter-intuitive and contrary to what "everybody knows" that the author feels like Galileo Galilei in 1631. With his telescope he discovered a world on the moon, asteroids and the solar system. But everybody "knew the world was flat, as any fool could plainly see" and it was heresy to think that the earth wasn't the center of God's creation. People wouldn't look into his telescope to see for themselves and evaluate the evidence. He was given the death sentence which was later commuted to house arrest until he died. The world needed a new paradigm and the old one had to die off, one funeral at a time. All Galileo and Dr. Aeilts are asking is for people to look and see for themselves.

Dr. Aeilts has a new paradigm for orbs that fits the evidence well but is so shocking and quantum mechanical that it may take a while to catch on. Niels Bohr, the man who mapped the atom, proclaimed that "Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it." To understand the anatomy of orbs, people have to confront Quantum Mechanics. In 20,000 years of recorded history no one has so much as guessed that the root cause of evil in the world are these insidiuos orbs that humans take with them between lives. Dr. Aeilts details the many misperceptions that distort reality for humans. That's why the function of orbs was so difficult to discover. But now that scientists have Quantum Mechanics and digital cameras to capture the images of orbs, they have the smoking gun evidence that unembodied beings with orbs are all around them watching and manipulating them.

Dr. Aeilts studied Quantum Physics at the University of Utah and discovered how orbs work. He shows how to photograph unseen beings and critters in the air. Orbs cannot be photographed inside the cranium, but when they come out they reflect the photo flash of a digital camera and leave their mark on the image. Everyone can discover how unembodied, unseen beings can manipulate reality. Every human being must understand this material to discover the "unseen hand." The orb is treacherous and insidious because it stays out of sight and works secretly to destroy people and our culture. Humanity has been duped! People have to raise their awareness. They have to think like a master quantum mind controller to protect themselves from the mind controllers around them. To be successful at any game, people have to know as much as the dealer; and that includes the game of life. If people don't know mind control, they'll be had. They've already been had and they aren't even aware of it.

COSMIC MECHANICS contains the theory and mathematics of a unified theory of everything, from the human's creation of the underlying zero-point quantum field to the creation of matter as wave structures in space. There is no discrete, solid chunk of anything in the whole physical universe. It is all standing waves, an illusion.

Orbs work on a subconscious, quantum mechanical level. They are the reactive mind of every individual. Quantum mechanical circuits in the orb are responsible for all the psychosomatic illnesses of man. These quantum circuits are the "invisible" storehouse of recorded painful experiences which react on people like post-hypnotic commands. Getting rid of these circuits brings greater health, increased abilities, higher IQ, faster reaction time, enhanced creative imagination, amazing vitality, deep relaxation, improved memory, stronger will power, a magnetic personality and good self-control.

It is possible for people to rid themselves of these little demons because orbs have an Achilles heel and can be deleted. After all, they are only robotic quantum circuits; a machine. But it takes mental technology and an extremely responsible person to do it. Go to for more info.


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