Summer Lawn Mowing Tips on Help Grass Stay Green in Drought

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During extreme summer heat, it's important for lawn caretakers to know the best practices for watering, fertilizing, and mowing during droughts. provides expert advice on lawn mowing and other summer lawn care activities, and also offers free lawn care analysis through TruGreen ChemLawn. (

To protect their lawn in record-breaking heat this summer, lawn caretakers need expert tips about watering and lawn mowing during droughts., a comprehensive lawn and yard care resource, offers advice and articles on all aspects of summer lawn care and features a free lawn care analysis (

"Summer lawn care is important, but make sure you don't overdo it," says When the weather is hottest, lawns are at their most fragile and should be treated gently. offers the following advice for lawn mowing during droughts:
•Keep lawn mower blades sharp.
•Mow less frequently; grass loses moisture through the cut end each time it's mowed.
•Adjust mower blades to keep grass slightly longer than usual. This helps roots grow deeper and shades the soil.
•Never cut off more than a third of the lawn's height at one time.
•Consider mulching--leaving the clippings on the lawn--instead of bagging them. It will help provide shade and keep in moisture. It may also mean that the lawn will need to be thatched--have accumulated clippings removed--in the fall or spring. offers timely advice for other summer lawn care tasks, too:
•Water lawns early in the morning. Having a lawn service install an automatic underground sprinkler may make watering more convenient.
•Don't fertilize during the hottest part of the summer. The less grass grows, the less water it will need.
•Keep weeds under control by weeding down to the root or using an herbicide.

And if babying a lawn through a hot, dry summer is too expensive or time-consuming, suggests either consulting with a lawn service to plant a drought-tolerant regional grass, or allowing the existing grass to go dormant; most grasses will come back when the weather cools off and rainfall increases. features links to lawn experts across the U.S. and Canada and offers a free lawn analysis. is a comprehensive lawn and yard care resource. Visitors can ask staff questions in the lawn forum or benefit from hundreds of articles on seasonal lawn care, grass types, weed prevention, mowers and other lawn maintenance equipment.


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