General on Mission to DC: Calls for New Food Safety Agency

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Retired US Army Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III has returned to the Nation's Capital to impress upon Members of Congress the importance of protecting the safety of America's food supply. Briefing Congressional staff, Gen. Stubblebine warns that giving the FDA dual responsibility for both food and drug regulation puts the nation's food supply at serious risk. Pressures on the FDA to degrade the food supply for commercial reasons linked to "Users Fees" for drug regulation lead to the diseases of under nutrition: cancers, heart disease and stroke, diabetes and obesity.

Retired US Army Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III, President of the Natural Solutions Foundation (http//, has returned to Washington this week for a series of briefings designed to educate Congressional staffers on pressing food safety issues. He will be recommending to senior staff members and Congressmen and women that Congress correct the basic error made in 1938 when both food and drug regulation responsibilities were given to a single agency, the FDA. Because clean food and supplements provide an economic competitor to allopathic treatments for the chronic diseases of under nutrition, powerful interests push the FDA to attack clean, natural food and remedies to support their economic interest in sales. FDA raids on companies which produce natural products and on the offices of natural health care providers are escalating under this climate of pressure. Additionally, increased FDA inspections and enforcement activities to limit health claims by small companies are also on the rise (

The World Health Organization (WHO) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) identify the "non-communicable preventable epidemic diseases of under nutrition" as cancers, cardiovascular disease and stroke, diabetes and obesity ( These conditions are the principle killers in the developed world and represent the lion's share of pharmaceutical profit.

Natural health advocates believe that these diseases of chronic under nutrition are best prevented and reversed by food and dietary supplements which provide the body with the nourishment it needs. They contend that the unlabeled, genetically modified, irradiated, antibiotic-, pesticide- and hormone-treated plant and animal components commonly found in the modern processed food supply are responsible for most diseases world-wide since the pattern of disease rapidly changes once an industrialized ("Western") diet is adopted ( These food production processes and treatments are currently permitted by the FDA regulations and Codex Alimentarius ( standards and guidelines.

General Stubblebine and Foundation Medical Director, Rima E. Laibow, MD, representing the Natural Solutions Foundation ( have attended, over the past several years, a series of international food regulatory meetings, including the 2007 Codex Alimentarius Commission meeting in Rome. They have also met with Heads of State, Ministers of Health, Food Production Ministers, International Codex delegates, journalists, consumer and health care activists on several continents, exchanging ideas and developing effective strategies for countries to protect their traditional natural food sources and remedies.

Codex Alimentarius, the World Food Code ("Codex") is the UN agency charged with promoting safe international food trade. Many proponents of natural foods and remedies, along with consumer advocates, consider the agency to be far too subservient to large corporate interests and hence to pose a major threat to the wide availability of wholesome, organic, non-genetically modified, unpolluted and non-irradiated foods. The historical origins of the Codex Alimentarius Commission Codex Video are available for viewing at the Foundation's website (

The General's message to Congress is contained in an Educational Briefing Document entitled: "Congressional Choice: Health Freedom or Health Tyranny".

States Gen. Stubblebine in the Educational Briefing Document:
"The Natural Solutions Foundation and its hundreds of thousands of supporters, along with the 250,000,000 million Americans who rely on dietary supplements, urge Congress to correct the basic error of the 1939 legislation which set up the FDA as an agency which regulated both food and drugs and create a new federal agency for the sole purpose of regulating foods. This new agency would have a separate unit within it responsible for IG oversight to make sure that no regulator or scientist had any conflict of interest and that consumer advocates controlled the agency's activities in a transparent and effective fashion."

In addition to the Food Safety Agency concept, the Natural Solutions Foundation is also educating Congress on the benefits of Dr. Ron Paul's Health Freedom Protection Act, HR 2117 ( , currently pending before the House of Representatives. The Foundation, which has generated a half million citizen messages to Congress and the FDA this year, is calling for public hearings on these these matters.

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