SIGGRAPH 2007: Web3D Consortium Member Companies to Showcase Latest ISO Standard X3D Based Applications

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Next week Web3D Consortium member companies will showcase latest ISO Standard 3D based applications for social networking, 3D medical imaging, scientific visualization and 3D education. Meet the Web3D Consortium at SIGGRAPH 2007 - booth numbers 029 and 227. This year Web3D will host half a dozen Web3D member company exhibitors and two academic sponsors in two different booth locations. Booth 029 is for Web3D member companies and Khronos booth 227 will host the Web3D Consortium information booth.

Visit the Web3D Consortium at SIGGRAPH 2007 - booth number 029 - on the exhibition floor.

This year we will be have twice as big a booth as last year with half a dozen Web3D member company exhibitors. You'll see Planet 9 Studios showing off their gorgeous all new Virtual Cities 2007. The city models are tightly coupled with Planet 9's RayGun™ mobile GPS software application and also work with other popular applications such as Google Earth and nVidia's new NorthStar mobile platform. Planet 9 CEO David Colleen will be speaking about Virtual Cities™ 2007 at Siggraph's "Carto BOF" on Tuesday August 7th at 12:30 PM, Room 29B and showing Virtual Cities™ 2007 at booth 29.

Bitmanagement, Ltd. will be showing their brand new Mac version of Bitmanagement's BS Contact, as well as their 3D Engine to support COLLADA. Bitmanagement will showcase at this year's Siggraph it's newly developed support of the popular COLLADA 3D format in their web-based 3D rendering engine BS Contact.

We'll also have Octaga, Inc. showing off their new releases as well, including their new Mac based X3D browser. Octaga Player 2.2 is now a full blown X3D viewer with the release of the Mac OSX version at Siggraph 2007. Octaga will also release the Octaga Exporter for 3D Studio Max with support for sun/shadow simulation. Octaga Player is now available on Windows XP, Vista, Linux and Mac OS X. In addition Octaga Player can run as a plug-in to MS Windows products, Adobe Acrobat and all major Internet browsers as a Java applet.

Alan Hudson from Yumetech will be showing the latest Xj3D release, X3D's well known sample implementation. Along with Yumetech, EDF will present a proposal for a new rendering X3D node to improve scientific visualization for Structure analysis and Thermomechanics (the SCOS Project) during the SIGGRAPH 2007 Web3D Tech Talk. The SCOS project is based open standards for Computing Oriented Systems, funded by the French National Research Agency for a 2007-2008 period and including 22 leaders in scientific computing, has chosen the ISO standard X3D to promote next generation open standards for the scientific computing domain. SCOS will provide, with the potential and the extensibility of the ISO standard X3D, to scientists and engineers to visualize collaboratively on the web results in 3D of massive high performance computing numerical simulations. In collaboration with EDF, Artenum is happy to announce the adoption of the ISO open standard X3D for 3d scientific visualization and pre/post-processing tools, with the integration of X3D and VRML export capability to the Artenum's Cassandra 2.3 project. Cassandra is a versatile and extensible open-source 3D scientific data visualization framework based on VTK 5.2 and Java. Cassandra provides a graphical editor for the visualization pipeline, a plug-in based approach for dedicated processing and a Jython script based capability. Cassandra is already used at the European Space Agency (ESA), EDF and ONERA, for space application, and at several academic and industrial facilities. The integration of the X3D standard opens a large set of additional capabilities like inter-operability with other scientific software packages, like Integrated Modeling Environments (IME), and advanced 3D reporting features.

SenseGraphics will be showing off their new X3D browser developed strategically for the medical imaging industry. Siggraph attendees will get hands-on demonstrations of H3DAPI, the SenseGraphics software package that medical and dental applications can use to integrate Haptics with 3D visualization. SenseGraphics will also showcase a X3D-based implementation for DICOM import, graphic rendering, and Internet browser support.

Web3D will also have a small presence in Khronos booth #227 sponsored by Fraunhofer IGD and Media Machines as well as an hour in the Khronos event room for a Web3D technical talk update.

Don't forget to ask for the newest Web3D 2007 SDK, debuting at Siggraph!


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