Author Releases Controversial Information About Last Supper Discovery and Da Vinci's Art

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Author and photographer Derek Bair claims to have already discovered the Last Supper hidden images, and the process to unlock them last year. He explains the process and how he discovered it in chapter 3 of his book, "Discovering Da Vinci's Daughter", which also has other discoveries relating to Leonardo Da Vinci and specifically the Mona Lisa, which are posted on his web site

Maybe I'm not so crazy, after all?! haha

After the recent explosion of press and controversy over Slavisa Pesci's discovery of hidden images in the Last Supper, author Derek Bair is claiming to have made this same discovery last year. An article about Derek and his discoveries was posted on back in September 2006:

"He has his research on his web site and says he will keep it updated with his current research which includes discovering a new way to view the Last Supper which shows that the feminine looking character is indeed a woman and holding a baby. He insists that this is just a painting and isn't interested in the implications beyond what Da Vinci painted."

Derek actually started his research by mirroring paintings on themselves and noticing strange images being formed in them. The Last Supper is just one of the paintings he's discovered hidden images inside. His main focus has been on the Mona Lisa and another painting with an uncredited painter of Salai -- Da Vinci's lover. In his book "Discovering Da Vinci's Daughter" Derek documents how and what he's found. He claims to have discovered a new painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. He also gives Da Vinci credit for the creation of the Shroud of Turin (it combines with his drawing of the Vitruvian Man) and the true identity of the Mona Lisa.

In Chapter 3 of his book, "A matter of perspective", Derek already explains the process of mirroring the Last Supper on itself and how it creates what looks like a baby being passed around the table -- almost a year before Slavisa Pesci released his findings. Derek actually released two press releases for his book but received no response. In light of the attention The Last Supper's getting it's easy to understand Derek's frustration.

"I've been working on my book for over a year, dedicated my entire life to it, but have only sold four copies so far! (Besides the copies my Mom bought!) When I first saw an article about 'Hidden images in the Last Supper' my heart dropped! Then dropped even more when it was credited to someone else! Then I really freaked out when his site got 15 million hits in a single day! For something I already have had in my book for months!"

Derek has found even more since finishing his book and makes updates on his web site and his blog often. He's made his book available to read for free on his site. There is also another web site,, which has been finding hidden images inside Da Vinci's art as well with even more evidence to support the theory of hidden images.

Derek claims that once he figures the process out that the Mona Lisa will actually produce something like an animation. He believes that what he's found is something Leonardo Da Vinci left behind for someone to piece together. Despite the controversy and claims of codes and conspiracy Derek developed his theories based off of Da Vinci's own journals and art. He's even found numbers and arrows in the corners of an image he's created from one of Da Vinci's paintings that he thinks might be directions or coordinates of some kind.

"I think it's important to remember that Da Vinci is considered to be the greatest genius who has ever lived! What would you do with all that knowledge before there was even such a thing as a light bulb, or photography? You would paint it, layer by layer, everything you knew, everything you had figured out about the world that no one living in your time would believe or understand -- THAT is what I believe the Mona Lisa and his art contains. Not a code, but his true legacy to the world -- our secrets. I think we're just scratching the surface of what will surely be the greatest re-discovery ever made. Once the right people analyze what I've found and read my book, I think the world will be in for quite a surprise."

Derek's book is available on his web site His book covers a wide variety of topics and has something new to literature, something he's calling "Interjections" between each chapter that document his own personal journey. Ever since the hype surrounding the Last Supper's hidden images began, hundreds of "photo-shoppers" around the world have been confirming and expanding on the theory of "Hidden Images." Derek says this is what he always expected would happen and that he's glad to see that people are seeing the same things he has.

"Maybe I'm not so crazy, after all?! haha"

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