No Need to See Doctor for Most Common Problems, Doctor Says

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Dr. Kogan hopes that her new website, will help to eliminate unnecessary visits to the doctor's office and to abstain from using the pharmaceutical medications. She says that ideally she would like to see her patients in the office just once a year for a general check-up and bloodwork.

A majority of physical symptoms can be treated by the doctor-recommended remedies at home, says Board-Certified New York City based Internist, Svetlana Kogan, M.D.

One of Dr. Kogan's patients, who works as a software analyst, woke up yesterday feeling urinary tract symptoms: burning and frequency. Every woman knows what this feels like. The patient had a small supply of uva ursi herb, which Dr. Kogan had recommended to her during her previous visit with a similar problem. The patient prepared the extract according to the doctor's written instructions, poured it into a thermos, and took it to work with her. After drinking three doses of the herbal extract at work, she felt much better and called to cancel her appointment with Dr.Kogan, which she had made in case the herb didn't help.

Dr. Kogan, a New York City based board-certified internist practices holistic medicine. She believes that most common ailments can be treated in the privacy of your own home, with the remedies which your doctor has recommended for you. Unfortunately, most doctors out there have never received any formal education on medicinal use herbs and supplements. Medical curricula are only starting to incorporate naturopathic treatments into medical school texts. It took Dr. Kogan almost ten years of extensive self-education and clinical observation in her own private practice, to achieve the extensive knowledge of alternative therapies, which she administers at the Longevity Institute she founded on the Upper West side of Manhattan.

Recently, Dr. Kogan helped to create a website which was a natural outgrowth of her patient's interest on natural cures for common health problems. When asked about the philosophy behind her website, she explains:

"Many people are starting to understand the harm imposed on our health by the excessive use of conventional medications, including but not limited to antibiotics, steroids, and mood-altering medications. The market is flooded by thousands of products, labels, gadgets, brands. You feel lost walking around the endless isles of the vitamin stores. You get even more confused trying to navigate the myriad of web-based supplement sites. This is where we come in with our unique perspective on how to deliver the product that's right for you. MD physicians well-versed in the supplement industry are your most reliable guides on the way to healthy living. The doctors' training in physiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology gives us an unparalleled advantage of understanding the products' structure and mode of action. Our clinical expertise enables us to determine when the self-treatment is a good idea and when you really have to visit the doctor. Finally, having taken the Hippocratic Oath, we are poised to help first, and to do no harm, which means a whole lot when you are on the customer end of a sale. For example, many vitamins, supplements and herbs may be extremely harmful when taken in excess. In clinical practice we commonly see people overdosed on vitamins and supplements, doubling and tripling up on the active ingredients of the multiple formulas they take. We have studied the industry very thoroughly. We have visited manufacturers around country, tasted, tried, and asked many questions. We have done the legwork. We bring you the best, freshest, most original, natural products out there."

Dr. Kogan hopes that her new website will help to eliminate unnecessary visits to the doctor's office and to abstain from using the pharmaceutical medications. She says that ideally she would like to see her patients in the office just once/year for a general check-up and bloodwork.

If you would like more information about or to schedule an interview with Dr.Kogan, please call Diana at 212-580-0900 or email Dr. Kogan at kogan.svetlana @

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