Mount Carmel Youth Ranch, the Leading Boot Camp for Troubled Teens, Helps Parents Recognize Warning Signs that Young People May be Engaging in At-Risk Behavior

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At-risk Behavior, including failing grades, smoking, drug use, can often be prevented if warning signs are recognized and acted upon. - Mount Carmel Youth Ranch, the leading teen boot camp dedicated to helping troubled teens, teaches parents and educators the warning signs of a teen headed down the wrong road.

"Mount Carmel Youth Ranch is dedicated to helping parents recognize warning signs before their troubled teen harms himself, others and/or his future," said Gerald Schneider, Founder of Mount Carmel Youth Ranch.

Too often, parents are left shocked, bewildered and wondering how their child escalated to a point of no control. After helping troubled teen boys for over 15 years, Mount Carmel Youth Ranch is intimately aware of the warning signs that are sometimes missed by parents, school staff and extended family.

Mount Carmel Youth Ranch offers the following 5 warning signs to help parents intervene and stop troubled teen's behavior before he/she is too far down a very sad and destructive road.

1.    Music & Entertainment: Monitor changes in your teen's entertainment habits, specifically types of music that portray sex, drugs, stealing, hate and other obscenities in a positive or glamorous light. Certain music can lead to behavior changes. Rap and death metal are the most common forms of music that can perpetuate dangerous behavior.
2.    Dress & Appearance: Changes in appearance can also be a red flag. For example, clothing may start to "sag" or the teen may go to one of two extremes; spending hours on appearance, or, not spending any at all. Clothes often become baggier, colors will get darker, and boy's hair will get longer. Young men may start to imitate the gang look with more jewelry, tattoos, and body piercings.
Teens will also start dabbling in cigarettes, alcohol, and/or drugs. Pay attention to the appearance of his/her eyes. They will be glazed over, a "glassy/dead" look to them, and they may be slightly redder, or jaundiced looking. The teen may also begin to sleep more often, during the day.
3.    Attitude: As a parent, you can identify changes in attitude by listening to what your child says. Your teen may start to express an "I don't care" attitude. He or she may respond to you with statements such as "I don't care what you say" "I don't care if I fail (school, socially, morally, etc.)".
The attitude will also carry over into his/her language, including derogative or obscene remarks. Defiance, manipulation, untruthfulness and disrespect to authority figures may also increase. Refusal to do chores, breaking curfew and leaving the house without consent may also occur.
4.    Peer choices: Teens will start to choose "friends" that support or encourage negative behavior and attitudes toward authority figures. It is also very important that parents keep a close eye on the age range of the people with whom he/she associates with on a daily basis. It is a good rule of thumb to keep the age range within 2 years of your child.
5.    Academic Performance: Grades will start to drop dramatically as will his/her willingness to attend school. As well, the number of phone calls from the school will increase. Preventing your child from engaging in a downward spiral takes vigilance, discipline, and consistency on the part of parents, extended family and educators to help children, especially young men, to keep moving in a positive direction.

Mount Carmel Youth Ranch believes that it's important that young men learn a strong work ethic by using their hands and the skills that God gave them in a positive way, as well as stout morals that will guide him in society.

If your troubled teen needs professional help to guide him back to the right path, please contact Mount Carmel Youth Ranch at or 307.645.3322.

About Mount Carmel Youth Ranch
Mount Carmel Youth Ranch is a non-profit organization that uses real life experiences on a ranch to dignify and increase the self-esteem of troubled youths.

Our Behavior Modification Therapy is done with a Christian focus to help mend the troubled youth's relationships with family as well as building a moral conscience within the boy. This is accomplished by educating the mind, strengthening the body, and elevating the spirit.

Mount Carmel Youth Ranch will continue to keep all the families that are struggling in our prayers and strive to save them through Christ, one boy at a time.
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