Thirty Minute Fitness Camp in Edison, NJ Guarantees Results or Money Back

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The Underground Strength Gymnasium in Edison, NJ has been training athletes for 4 years, never failing to transform athletes into stronger, faster and highly conditioned athletes. The USC Gymnasium is now going to offer CrossFit Underground Boot Camps, a style of training that is for all individuals, athletes and non-athletes, with brief, thirty minute workouts. Participants can expect to lose up to 8 lbs. during a thirty day camp while building lean muscle and increasing energy.

The Underground Strength Gymnasium has always guaranteed results for their athletes. This time they are guaranteeing results for everyone who takes part in their brand new fitness camp, CrossFit Underground.

CrossFit Underground Boot camps offer thirty minute workouts that guarantee results or your money back.

The Underground Strength Coach Gymnasium in Edison is the only gymnasium in the area that guarantees results and offers a 100 % money back guarantee. After training athletes for 4 years and consistently transforming weaker athletes into stronger, faster, more explosive and highly conditioned athletes, The USC Gymnasium is about to launch a new program aimed at improving the fitness levels of non - athletes.

The Underground Strength Gymnasium in Edison, NJ is excited to announce the beginning of a brand new fitness boot camp called 'CrossFit Underground.'

CrossFit training allows one to improve in all areas of physical performance: strength, speed, endurance, lean gains in muscle, fat loss and overall fitness are all improved upon regularly. In essence, CrossFit specializes in not specializing. All individuals can benefit from CrossFit Underground, age, gender and fitness levels are never discriminated against with CrossFit, making CrossFit a very unique style of fitness.

Many military and law enforcement groups have utilized the CrossFit methods exclusively because of the excellent results it offers. But CrossFit has expanded to a wide array of individuals far beyond military and law enforcement personnel.

In any given CrossFit class around the world you are likely to find a 50 year old Mom training side by side along a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, a Police Officer, a high school athlete and a college student.

CrossFit programs are applicable for everyone, instead of changing the program to match what the individual needs, the intensity of the overall program is scaled down to meet the needs of an individual.

"Everyone needs to move their body like an athlete," says Zach Even - Esh, the owner of The Underground Strength Gymnasium located in Edison, NJ. "You won't find us sitting down or laying down locked into machines or trapped on treadmills and stationary bikes," Even - Esh states enthusiastically.

"The fast pace of CrossFit training challenges the body and disturbs the metabolism, transforming the body into a fat burning machine 24 - 7," says Even - Esh. Traditional workouts are often times not intense enough and offer little to no variety causing the body to adapt to the stimuli. Adaptation reduces the results one will get from a fitness program.

Walk into a traditional health club or fitness center and you will see countless people locked into machines, sitting or lying down on machines, trapped on treadmills and stationary bicycles. This "robotic" form of exercise is not an effective or time efficient way to improve one's health.

Walk into The USC Gymnasium to witness a CrossFit class and you will see people sprinting in the parking lot, performing pull ups on gymnastic rings, swinging Russian Kettlebells, carrying sandbags and walking on their hands while a partner holds their ankles.

CrossFit Underground does not try to hide the fact that exercise is supposed to be hard. "Without a doubt, you will be challenged like never before when experiencing a CrossFit Underground class," says Zach Even - Esh, the owner of The Underground Strength Gymnasium.

The Underground Strength Coach Gymnasium will be offering 'CrossFit Underground' classes three times a week, with each class lasting 30 minutes, perfect for the busy schedule most people have nowadays.

The short workouts will cater to those who want to get in and out of the gym quickly and still have plenty of time left in their day to do other things.

Most importantly, The Underground Strength Coach Gymnasium guarantees results.

Within 30 days of experiencing a CrossFit Underground Camp attendees can expect to lose up to 8 lbs., build lean muscle, and all participants are guaranteed to improve confidence and increase energy levels.

To learn more about The USC Gymnasium and their CrossFit boot camps, visit


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