Barnes and Noble Features "30-Day Job Promotion" During August

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Following in the tradition of the author's previous books, Susan Britton Whitcomb's fifth literary offering, 30-Day Job Promotion: Build a Powerful Promotion Plan in a Month, has earned featured status at the nation's top bookseller and is drawing rave reviews for its fresh, compelling content.

Although many people may work hard, arrive on time every day, and get along well with their boss and coworkers, many struggle to get promoted despite their best efforts.

"The code for successfully creating a powerful job promotion plan has been broken," said Perry Rhue, Certified Professional Coach and Senior Talent Manager for IBM, "and its secrets are revealed in this book! Susan Whitcomb brilliantly helps readers discover and capitalize on their specific strengths, as well as identify the type of positions that are the best fit. Through countless tips, examples, insights, and personal worksheets, this book provides a fresh breakthrough in the way we can refine our lives and change our careers."

30-Day Job Promotion: Build a Powerful Promotion Plan in a Month (JIST Publishing) gives experienced professionals and first-time workers insider strategies for standing out and demonstrating their value to employers. Full of quick tips and realistic strategies, this book puts readers on the fast track to a promotion--and more money--in just a matter of weeks!

According to a USA Today survey, 20 percent of all male employees and 24 percent of all female employees recently asked their boss for a raise. Of those who asked, 59 percent of women and 41 percent of men were told "no," and those statistics speak only to the men and women who mustered up the courage to ask for a raise in the first place.

"Those numbers," said career coach Robyn Feldberg of Abundant Success Career Services in Frisco, Texas, "clearly demonstrate why asking for a raise is such a nerve-wracking proposition for so many employees."

But what if there was a way to boost one's chances for success and improve those odds? There is.

Said Feldberg, "We all know someone who is or has experienced living the tale told in Dolly Parton's old song '9 to 5'--'Want to move ahead but the boss won't seem to let me, I swear sometimes that man is out to get me.'"

So what should you do if your boss IS out to get you? Feldberg continued, "It happens more often than you might think, and this book offers real strategies for dealing with that scenario and many others. If you've been trying to move ahead and you're waiting around for the day your ship will come in, stop waiting. You can't do the same thing and expect a different result. 30-Day Job Promotion coaches you on what to do differently and how to do it, and that's why I use it with my own clients."

As part of JIST's Help in a Hurry series, this handy, affordable guide ($8.95) gives readers proven strategies to enhance their work performance and to confidently and effectively ask for the promotion and recognition they deserve.

Book highlights include:

  • Top 10 characteristics of promotable people
  • 3 common reasons people want to get promoted--money, ego, and "itch"
  • 6 secrets of a Master F.I.T. so your position fits like a glove
  • 5 A's of a winning game plan
  • 12 dumb mistakes to avoid when going for a promotion
  • Quiz to predict your promotaility factor
  • 10 commandments of career success
  • Scripts and tips for having "crucial career conversations" with your manager
  • A winning T.A.L.K. formula--timing, agenda, languaging, keep it going
  • 15 common roadblocks to promotion, along with tips for overcoming them
  • 10 steps to salary negotiation to get paid for the work you really do
  • 10 inspiring success stories of real-life people who have earned promotions

For more information or to buy 30-Day Job Promotion: Build a Powerful Promotion Plan in a Month, go to the Barnes and Noble bookstore near you or shop online at


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