Coastal Vacations Trainer Dean Marino Endorses Official Coastal Vacations Event

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The official Coastal Vacations event in Nashville Tennessee has been endorsed by respected Coastal Vacations trainer Dean Marino. Marino coordinates training and host conference calls for the most successful Coastal Vacations group.

I would much rather give members more information than they feel they need rather than not give them enough to succeed.

Los Angeles based Coastal Vacations trainer Dean Marino has given his endorsement to the official Coastal Vacations event in Nashville Tennessee. Marino hosts conference calls for the largest Coastal Vacations group. Learn why the top Coastal Vacations group is so successful at http://www.COASTALPASSIVEINCOME.COM .    

Marino and other Coastal Vacations leaders with the fastest growing group in the 13 year-old home based travel business program look forward to participating in the event September 8.

Some Coastal Vacations directors and groups have chosen to ignore the official event sponsored by the Coastal Vacations Board of Directors. Some are busy promoting their own events to their members.

Coastal Vacations members live in over 100 countries and business is conducted in several languages. The official event in Nashville will cater to members who speak English.

Some directors encourage their members to stay away from the official events. They feel they have more control over their members if they are dependent exclusively on them for information regarding the Coastal Vacations business.

Level 3 Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino coordinates training and hosts conference calls for the largest group in the Coastal Vacations program. Members of the top Coastal Vacations group rave about the training system Marino has helped to assemble. Members say it is the best in the entire home based business arena, but Marino encourages members to go outside the system for additional training.

Marino’s philosophy is that members of his ultra-successful business model are best served if they are well informed; “I would much rather give members more information than they feel they need rather than not give them enough to succeed.”

The well respected Coastal Vacations trainer and conference call host explained that members are independent business people. He encourages members to plug into all the training available because they never know where they will get the nugget that doubles or triples their income.

Marino is a Level 3 Director with Coastal Vacations. In addition to his training duties with the top Coastal Vacations group, he makes himself available to members who partner with him 7 days a week for personal coaching, one-on-one training, and mentoring.

The official Coastal Vacations conference will be a full day of intensive training. The Coastal Vacations Board of Directors is expected to build on the fast paced structure of the one day official events in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Marino is excited about seeing guest speaker Pat Mesiti who is flying in from Australia to attend the official event. Marino owns one of Mesiti’s training programs, but has never seen the high energy trainer in person.

Mesiiti was the executive director of one of Australia's most successful drug rehabilitation programs. He has a passion for helping people. While Mesiti is best known for his live presentations, he has also put some of his teachings in print with his new book Millionaire Mindset.

The new book explains that success exists in the mind before it can have a measurable effect on an entrepreneur’s bank account. Mental reprogramming is expected to be a big part of Mesiti's presentation at the official Coastal Vacations event.

Mesiti explained that most people need to make a major shift in their thinking before they can become truly successful; "The first place in which change needs to happen is in your mind. Before you can become a millionaire, you need to develop the mindset of a millionaire." Millionaire Mindset is all about helping people shift their mindset from a poverty mindset to a millionaire mindset.

Marino encourages all Coastal Vacations members and anyone considering a career with the top rated home based travel business to attend the official event in Nashville. Information is power and the official intensive training event is a great place to come face to face with the most successful leaders in the Coastal Vacations program.

Anyone can easily learn more about Coastal Vacations and the most successful business model in the top rated home based business program. Visit the informative multimedia website with extensive content that explains it all at http://www.COASTALPASSIVEINCOME.COM .
Visitors to the informative website will get a valuable report written by Marino detailing the steps to Coastal Vacations success and a free travel voucher just for asking.


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