Polygamy Movement Opposes Warren Jeffs, Says National Polygamy Rights Leader

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National Polygamy Advocate, Mark Henkel, said, “As Warren Jeffs’ trial* begins this coming week, it is important for the media to get their facts straight about polygamy and polygamy rights. For one example, not only does Jeffs’ trial actually have absolutely nothing to do with polygamy, but the overall national movement for polygamy rights has repeatedly stated its opposition to Warren Jeffs and his rogue sect anyway.” Henkel offered three essential clarifications for the media to use, and he has made himself available for interviews.

just as the media routinely clarifies how the FLDS is not part of the mainstream Mormonism, it is time for these three clarifications to also be included for clarity too, in all reports on the ongoing Warren Jeffs trial.

National polygamy rights leader, Mark Henkel, who is the Founder of the (non-Mormon) TruthBearer.org organization, offered to provide clarity and balance to all media reporting on the Warren Jeffs trial. "Every time that any media reports about Jeffs as a 'polygamist' while not specifically clarifying the national polygamy rights movement's opposition to that Utah-local rogue Mormon polygamy sect leader, the facts about polygamy rights are not being accurately presented," said Henkel. "In fact, without such clarity, it becomes a grossly biased distortion instead."

Henkel explained, "Too often, most of the media have only reported about polygamy when a real crime has been involved - such as with the Jeffs case. But when there was no real crime to report, most media typically have pretended that we pro-polygamists do not exist, refusing to let us make our pro-family case either on its own merits or without requiring us to put a circus-act (of a polygamous family) on dangerous public display. So, against that one-sided backdrop, when a case such as Jeffs' trial comes along, the media reporting about it are implicitly 'conspiring' – if you will - to falsely connect all normal polygamists to real crimes. That is an egregious injustice."

"Connecting all polygamists to Warren Jeffs is as offensive and as slanderous as connecting all teachers to Mary Kay Letourneau," Henkel declared.

Indeed, the national polygamy rights movement for freely consenting adults has always opposed Jeffs.

On the very same day that Warren Jeffs was first apprehended, back on August 29, 2006, the TruthBearer.org organization quickly issued a press release titled, "Pro-Polygamists Glad that Fugitive Warren Jeffs was Caught," sent out through the media distribution site, Pro-Polygamy.com.

The TruthBearer.org organization's response was subsequently reported by a number of media outlets such as the Associated Press, COURT TV Radio, CNS News, and USA Today.

As the Jeffs trial now proceeds in 2007, Henkel offered three specific clarifications which he said should be included in every media report about the Jeffs trial. "They are as follows," he explained.

"1. The national polygamy rights movement is not defined by Utah-local anecdotal examples of Mormon or FLDS-Mormon polygamy. Nationwide, there are other forms such as Christian Polygamy, Secular Polygamy, Muslim Polygamy, Jewish Polygamy, etc. Additionally, many more numerous pro-polygamous families are not even currently practicing polygamy, but some hope to be able to do so one day. The point is: most pro-polygamists outside of the Utah-local region do not come from any form of Mormon-based paradigm, much less from Jeffs' FLDS-Mormon form.

"2. The national polygamy movement has always opposed Jeffs and the FLDS-specific presuppositions. The ideas of under-aged and arranged marriage are not concepts that most normal pro-polygamists would even consider.

"3. None of Jeffs' charges involves polygamy. Not one! Indeed, as the Associated Press accurately reported, 'the case is not related to polygamy — the religious marriage between the girl and her cousin was monogamous.' The cruelty of allegedly forcing a 14 year old girl to unwillingly marry her unmarried 19 year old cousin may be properly identified as under-aged and arranged marriage, but it is definitely not polygamy."

Henkel summarized, "These three facts emphatically demonstrate that the Jeffs case has absolutely no connection to the national polygamy rights movement. Every media reference to Jeffs as a 'polygamist" without adding these three clarifications is slanderous of genuinely good, normal people who support consenting adult polygamy. Clearly, Jeffs' FLDS does not represent polygamy around the country. The national movement has always opposed Jeffs and the FLDS ideas. And none of the charges against him pertain to polygamy anyway.

"Accordingly," concluded Henkel, "just as the media routinely clarifies how the FLDS is not part of the mainstream Mormonism, it is time for these three clarifications to also be included for clarity too, in all reports on the ongoing Warren Jeffs trial."

Mark Henkel is available for media interviews. Inquiring reporters and other interested parties may contact him for interviews at (207) 450-8603.

Mark Henkel is the National Polygamy Advocate and the Founder of the TruthBearer.org organization. For more details, please see: http://www.TruthBearer.org/media/mark-henkel-interview-example/
TruthBearer.org is the non-Mormon, cross-denominational, evangelical Christian Polygamy organization. It has been reported by the 700 Club, The Associated Press, The Washington Times, Newsweek, CourtTV, NBC's TODAY Show, and many more, as noted at http://www.TruthBearer.org/media/.

*State of Utah v. Warren Steed Jeffs
Case No. 061500526
Docket No. 20070317

Mark Henkel, Founder
TruthBearer.org organization
(207) 450-8603


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