FotoFlexer Enables All Websites to Embed the World's Best Online Image Editing Solution with the First Free, Open API

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Within Two Weeks of Launch, FotoFlexer Grows to Over 40,000 Unique Visitors Per Day; Opens its Platform for All to use

FotoFlexer, the world's most advanced Web-based image editing solution, today announced the availability of the open FotoFlexer API - the world's first free, open API to give all Web sites the ability harness the power of the world's best online image editing solution. The FotoFlexer API provides a simple interface to enable any Web site, utilizing only minimal code, to differentiate from competition by providing visitors with the functionality of FotoFlexer on their own site.

Give FotoFlexer a try for yourself, and see if your users would benefit from having the world's best online image editor built into your Web site. Visit us at

Since launching the company just two weeks ago, FotoFlexer has seen its traffic skyrocket to over 40,000 unique users per day, with an extremely high average engagement time exceeding 20 minutes per person, per visit. It has also become the #1 most used image editing tool on Facebook, with nearly double the amount of active users than any other image editor.

Users are flocking to FotoFlexer in large part due to its seamless integration with sites like Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Picassa and Yahoo! Search, enabling users to simply grab and edit their images from any of these sites. With the FotoFlexer API, the company seeks to return the favor by now providing a simple way for all other Web sites to integrate with FotoFlexer, providing their visitors with the added value of direct access to the most powerful online image editor available.

Open API Provides Value to Website Designers/Operators
FotoFlexer wants your site to succeed, which means that we want your site to be as valuable as possible to your customers. FotoFlexer's API enables you to differentiate your Web site from competitors and develop stronger customer loyalty by offering them an integrated, powerful online image editing solution that they can utilize from within your site.

FotoFlexer moves far beyond mere photo editing and allows users to edit all of their images, including the ability to personalize digital photos, edit online images and even apply real-time Webcam effects. FotoFlexer far surpasses the functionality of basic online photo editing products, but it allows users to easily and intuitively accomplish exactly the effect they want to achieve in less time than any other editing system.

Here are just a few examples of sites that can benefit from FotoFlexer's API:

The Online Photo Repository

  •     Sites like Flickr, Photobucket and many more can standardize on the world's most powerful image editing platform, enabling customers easy access to far more than the standard lineup of editing tools. The FotoFlexer API would enable these sites to let users edit their photos and more effectively express themselves - all without leaving the photo repository's site.

The Online Dating Service

  •     By embedding FotoFlexer on their site, online dating services could help enable their users to put their best foot forward. Have a great picture of yourself, but the lighting is bad or your ex is in it? Easily adjust the photo to make it "pop", trim out any unwanted "accessories", and let the dating world know you're available! Don't have a great photo of yourself? Turn on your Webcam, apply editing effects in real-time, and snap the shot.

The eBay Ecosystem

  •     There are thousands of sites dedicated to providing eBayers (both buyers and sellers) with services. FotoFlexer could provide these sites with a value added feature that lets sellers clarify their pictures to more accurately represent the items they are selling. Weird lighting, poor image quality and image-related blemishes (not product-related blemishes) are all a thing of the past, helping you give prospective buyers an accurate picture of what they are looking to purchase.

The Classifieds

  •     It is clear that items sell faster when people can see what it is that you are selling. By integrating with FotoFlexer, classified sites can differentiate from one another by giving their customers an easy, effective tool for presenting the clearest, most accurate image of what you are selling.

And Many More!

How Can You Do All of This? And Is It Complicated?
The FotoFlexer team has deep expertise ranging from advanced software engineering, to multimedia/image processing, to artificial intelligence (AI). The result is FotoFlexer's patent-pending Predictive Pixel Partitioning (P³) technology, an advanced AI algorithm that provides the core of FotoFlexer's powerful image editing platform. FotoFlexer's P³ technology provides action-based image editing - meaning it helps you achieve the exact editing action you intend in far less time than other editing products.

That may sound complex, but getting started with the API is a breeze! There is no registration process, no API keys, and no REST, SOAP or XML. FotoFlexer even provides sample code to get you up and running in no time. To view technical information about the API, download the integration kit, and walk through a live API demo, please visit

The only thing easier than integrating your site with FotoFlexer will be how simple it is for your visitors to edit their images with FotoFlexer, all from your site.

But Don't Take Our Word For It…
We're all about proof here at FotoFlexer. Take a look at what people are saying about us on our blog (we admit it, we're keeping track of people's rave reviews):

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