Hammered Coins of England is Increasing in Popularity as a Medium and Marketplace for Collectors of Old Hammered Coins

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Hammeredcoinsofengland.com -- the website of the company which buys and sells old hammered coins -- is rapidly increasing in traffic as collectors visit their website to read their articles on hammered coins, buy and sell, as well as evaluate and give opinions on coins.

Hammered Silver Coins (http://www.hammeredcoinsofengland.com/) has quickly developed into a fully fledged community thanks to the demand for a central on-line hub among hammered coin collectors, and the way in which the company have executed their strategic vision. The company, which specializes in old English hammered coins, particularly Stuart and Tudor, regularly write industry articles and report on news which they suggest has helped to solidify their position as an authority in their industry.

Anthony Travis of Hammered Silver Coins (http://www.hammeredcoinsofengland.com/) said: "Since our inception we have always strived to be more than simply a company which buys and sells hammered coins. A community spirit has always been central to our ethos, which, we believe, is much easier to create considering the genuine passion and knowledge that our company has on the subject area. A great example of this can be found in what happens every time a member of our website finds a great piece that we have problems identifying - everyone is emailing around, asking their friends and doing their own research so we can collectively get to the bottom of the history behind the coin."

The company also feel that their attention to detail and transparency cannot be underestimated in terms of the contribution it has made towards their success. Through always offering a fair price when buying coins, and a fair price when selling, they feel that they remove any incentive that their customers may have to handle their sale privately.

Anthony Travis of Hammered Silver Coins (http://www.hammeredcoinsofengland.com/) explained why this is the case: "our company aggregates demand for old hammered coins, which obviously increases the price that a one-off seller can attain through removing marketing cost-centres. On the other hand, aggregation of supply makes the procurement process much simpler for buyers. Rather than capitalize on this opportunity to increase margins; we have instead decided to offer even more value through keeping our margins small, authenticating products on behalf of buyers, and offering free advice and resources to the community."

About Hammered Silver Coins (http://www.hammeredcoinsofengland.com/):
Hammered Coins of England buy and sell English hammered coins, Scottish hammered coins, Irish hammered coins, Celtic hammered coins, hammered gold coins, hammered silver coins, and other old hammered coins. Their website is regularly updated with information, pictures and products for sale.

19 Upper Market Street
Brighton, East Sussex
BN3 1AS, United Kingdom


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