Deter-a-Pigeon Says that to Blame Pigeons for Minnesota Bridge Collapse is Laughable

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Pigeon experts Deter-a-Pigeon say claims that pigeon droppings caused the August 1, 2007, Minnesota bridge collapse are laughable.

Recent reports suggesting that the August 1, 2007, Minnesota bridge collapse was due to excessive pigeon droppings is ridiculous, according pigeon experts, Deter-a-Pigeon.

"Inspectors began documenting the buildup of pigeon dung on the span near downtown Minneapolis over two decades ago. Therefore, for over 20 years, bridge inspectors have sat back and watched pigeons roosting on the bridge. It is these inspectors who should have spotted any corrosion and acted accordingly with effective pigeon control," comments Dave Jones, Director of Deter-a-Pigeon. "To suddenly blame the pigeons for their incompetence stinks of a cover up," Jones continues.

In a 1987-1989 report, inspectors for the bridge wrote "There is a coating of pigeon dung on steel with nest and heavy buildup on the inside hollow box sections."

Deter-a-Pigeon would like to put on record that the cause for the bridge collapse was neglect. "If the bridge inspectors had installed pigeon spikes when they noticed excessive pigeon droppings, the spikes would have deterred the pigeons from roosting and thus would have preventing the build up of droppings. This catastrophe could have been avoided with aggressive preventative maintenance," Jones concludes.

Mr. Jones presented an interesting analogy when he likened it to when someone's teeth have fallen out because they have not brushed them for 20 years and then blaming plaque.

Bridges and tall buildings draw pigeons to them since the pigeons are descended from cliff dwellers. Bridges and tall buildings provide shelter as well as flat surfaces for nesting and roosting.

Any city, town or state tasked with bridge maintenance needs to recognize that protecting the bridge requires a multifaceted approach including anti-roosting spikes. Any group interested in learning more about pigeon control and the most effective anti-roosting spikes on the market is encouraged to contact Deter-a-Pigeon.

For 10 years, Deterapigeon has been a leader in safe pigeon spike solutions in the UK. In 1995, David Jones, Director of Deterapigeon invented and patented the Defender 4 pigeon spikes which safely deter pigeons without harming them. This still remains the only pest control product recommended by the Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PiCAS).

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