IVR Technologies Announces Support for Advertisement Supported Voice Services

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IVR Technologies, Inc. adds support for streaming audio/advertising services into Talking SIP, the fully integrated SIP-based enhanced services and real-time billing platform.

IVR Technologies, Inc. a leading software developer for IP enhanced services and real-time billing solutions, today announced that they have added support for streaming audio/advertising based voice services into their standard Talking SIP product offering. IVR Technologies continues to build upon the value proposition of Talking SIP with this added functionality. These new enhanced services allow service providers to drive higher margin revenue through its network by utilizing a full or partial advertising supported business model. Typical Internet-based advertising involves banners, pop-ups, skyscrapers and gutter ads which the consumer has become immune to. In the absence of actual click-throughs, the effectiveness of this traditional type of advertising in building brand awareness has become difficult to measure.

This new advertising functionality allows the service providers to attract new revenue that can be used to augment existing revenues or subsidize consumer rates in an effort to increase their competitive advantage. Providers have the flexibility to set whether an advertisement can be interrupted by the caller, whether the advertisement will be used in place of ringing during a call, and if the caller will be rewarded with additional calling time or credits for listening to a given advertisement. An advertisement can also be configured to allow the caller to transfer to a sales representative if he/she desires more information from the sponsor.

"The market size for both streaming audio and video advertising is estimated at $990.3 million in 2006, up 128% over $433 million billed in 2005. The market is forecast to grow by 40% in 2007 to $1.38 billion," as reported by AccuStream iMedia Research.

The following is a brief overview of the new functionality:

Granular Control over Advertising - Set whether the caller can interrupt an advertisement, set whether listening to an advertisement is mandatory or elective, and set whether the called party should also hear the advertisement. An option for the caller to be transferred on-demand to a customer service or sales representative is also provided.

Billing Control - Offer rewards and incentives to callers who listen to advertisements, and reduce or eliminate the reward should the calling party interrupt the message. The billing to the advertiser can be per impression, flat rate, or based on duration. In addition, the sponsor can be billed on a prepaid or postpaid basis, with automatic billing and threshold recharging.

Reporting - Generate a report easily that highlights who listened to which ads, for how long and from what caller ID. Reports can be generated in real-time via the included Telephony Management Console software or via the optional End-user web interface.

"Advertisement supported voice services is a great new revenue source for the next-generation provider, giving advertisers a captive audience with measurable results while simultaneously helping to reduce the cost for the consumer. This new enhancement is a great complement to the web triggered callback services we recently introduced that helps turn a website from a passive marketing medium into an interactive one," said Randall Walrond, Vice-President of Product Management, IVR Technologies, Inc.

About IVR Technologies
IVR Technologies is an advanced software development company emerging as a leader in the SIP space for Voice over IP enhanced services and real-time billing.

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